The Division 2 Factions Guide – All Enemy Types, Enemy Icon & Variants

Enemy Types, Variants, Archetype, Factions and How To Kill them

In The Division 2 All Faction Guide you will learn about enemies lurking behind shadows to eat your soul. There are different factions controlling Washington D.C in The Division 2 and they have their unique identity, weapons and play style. Also these factions have their own unique color and icons. Knowing your enemies well gives you a edge in the battle. In this guide you will learn about The Division 2 four different factions type, their unique icons, types of soldiers you will face in each faction and some tips to tackle them.

The Division 2 Four Factions Details

The four types of factions you will face is Hyenas, True Sons and Outcasts.

  1. Hyenas: Mostly raiders who are attack poor civilian’s settlement and scavenge their belongings. They are mostly insane scavengers who can steal anything and destroy every place they attack. Each pack is ruled by a strong leader.
  2. True Sons: Pack of paramilitary warlords ruled by ex JTF officers who are merciless and blessed with superior combat power. They are strong, smart and planned their attacks. Expanding their terrorist they use a lot of firepower to destroy their enemies.
  3. Outcasts: Prisoners and survivors thrown away by the society, true murderers. Their leaders believe to punish everyone.
  4. Black Tusk: Secret private military force that operates for a secret agenda, no one knows what they want; they are disciplined and highly organized using cutting edge equipment. They are the biggest threat ever faced.

The Division 2 Difficulty & Color Code

We had noticed enemies in three colors and so it is easy to identify their difficulty through it. Below is the list.

  • Red: The easiest one to kill, they are regular ones.
  • Purple: Enemies with shield, destroy the shield first.
  • Yellow: Enemies with stronger shield and protective armor. Tough to beat.

The Division 2 Enemy Variants – Health Bar Colors & Drop Ratio

  1. Normal – Red Color Health Bar:  Weak enemies with no armor. Low loot drops. Can be easily found on streets, and usually drops Superior, High-End or Gear Set.
  2. Veteran – Purple Color Health BarModerate armor and moderate loots. Usually drops High-end and Gear sets. Available in Hard Difficulty in higher level areas of The Division 2. Also found in Dark Zones and once the player reaches Max Level.
  3. Named Elite – Yellow Color Health BarHeavy Amor drops of valuable loot. Rarity of drop relies on the Archetype. Available in special mission, open world,, incursions and Dark Zones. Kind of bosses.
  4. Elite – Gold Color Health Bar:: High Armor and high chance of dropping rarity loot. You can get Superior, High-End, Exotic and Gear set items. They will drop multiple items that can pull high price at vendors. Available in Dark zones, Supply Drop Locations and in tiers of past DZ04.
  5. Legendary – Shield Icons: Exclusive enemies that are available only in Legendary Missions. Can be from Normal, Veteran and Elite group. Strongest enemies with high health and damage resistance. True killer machine.

The Division 2 Enemy Archetypes (Icons)

Archetypes or icons will help you to identify what type of enemy you are dealing with. For example a one with grenade icon is a thrower, a enemy with eye icon is a scout, etc. Below I pulled down all types of icons I found. You can find these icons or archetypes on map or over their health bar when you shoot them.

  1. Assault: Single up arrow icon – Shoot the head, weak enemies.
  2. Leader: Double up arrow icon – Tougher one deals, use explosives.
  3. Thrower: Grenade Icon – Equip with grenade, can throw variety of explosives based on faction.
  4. Bullet Head with two lines below Icon: Carrying LMG and equipped with armor. Shoot the expose parts of body.
  5. Wireless Icon: A wireless operator who send out RC bomb, shoot the satchel to stop him.
  6. Corsair Icon: Sniper – Enemy with sniper rifle. Use flash bang and shoot the head.
  7. Lightning Bolt Icon: Rusher who carries shotgun, shoot the satchel to release his gas.
  8. Wrench Icon: Controller – Stop him from deploying repair turret, shoot on the head.
  9. Medic Icon: Simple to identify it will revive the dead enemies.
  10. Military Badge: A empty military badge icon with down arrow design means Tank, it is a strong enemy with shield.
  11. Clenched First Icon: A machine gunner in your way, the enemy wears a helmet and use LMG.
  12. Sticky icon: Enemy will be using a sticky substance to trap you, shoot the drum on their back.
  13. Turret Icon: A controller who can deploy a turret that will start shooting as soon as it tracks you.
  14. RC Vehicle Icon: If you spot this run, the soldier can deploy a bomb loaded RC vehicle that will explode near you. Shoot it to destroy.

Hope the info is enough for you to identify all kind of enemies in the game. You can refer our Melee Combat Guide if you land a lot near to the enemy and figuring out what to do first. To upgrade Weapons, you will need SHD Tech, this are kind of in-game currencies you can use to buy items. With better weapons it is easier to fight in battle.

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