Division 2 Melee Guide – How To Melee Tips and Combat

The melee attack is one of the most potent attacks in Division 2 and mastering it will serve you to become a better agent, the game pits you against many tough foes and you knowing every way that you can take down your enemy is of prime importance.

How to Melee in Division 2

It’s not enough to just know how to melee but you also have to know when to melee your opponents, and this will give you a major advantage over your enemies in your fight to take back Washington D.C

You will have the ability to carry two firearms and one sidearm which will serve you to the best of your abilities but having melee in your arsenal adds that bit of an edge to your gameplay.

Shotguns and SMG’s are still the better options as you can take down enemies from afar, but often enough you will have an enemy run towards you and sometimes you get stuck while reloading and this can be frustrating if you just stand there while the enemy comes at you toting a knife or something much worse.

To melee your opponent, all you have to do is get close enough and press R3 on your controller works the same for Xbox and PlayStation.

Be careful when you melee your opponents as it leaves you vulnerable to attacks from other enemies, so use it sparingly and after a couple of tries, you will know exactly when to engage into melee attacks.

Use this melee trick only as a final option, and when possible just roll away from your attacker to reload and try not to push your luck too much with the melee.

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