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The Division 2 Weapon Mods, Attachment and Upgrades Guide

Mods are an important aspect of The Division 2 as it upgrades your weapons giving you things like scopes, sights barrel attachments, and grips. These things increase the stats of your weapons giving it a much-needed boost, all this is great but the mods aren’t available until much later in the game but you can unlock a few with the SHD Tech perks in the beginning.

How to get mods early in the game

You will need to visit The White House and buy them from the Quartermaster using SHD Tech, you can unlock these under the Perks tab, you will get four magazine, four barrels, two sights, and two grips. Each of the perks is limited to a certain for a certain type of weapon which can be from pistols to assault rifles that use 5.56 or 7.62 ammo. These give a much-needed boost early on in the game and are highly recommended.

As you continue in the game, you will find more mods as enemy drops, these can also be found as rewards for completing main and side missions. You may need to craft some of the mods, for which you will need to deconstruct a few items too.

After you have successfully crafted the items, you can use them on your weapons as many times as you like, provided they fit the weapon you are trying to attach them to.

While mods alter the stats of the weapon, they can also decrease some of the stats to boost the other. Each mod is different and has a different effect on the weapon you are trying to use it on. Some may increase your stability while costing you in reload speed.

It completely depends on the type of weapon you want to use and how each mod will affect it. Keep an eye on the effect the mod has and you will have a pretty good idea what is beneficial to you and what is not.

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