The Division 2 SHD Tech Farming Guide & Fast Perks Unlock Tricks

Prasad More
3 Min Read

SHD Tech in The Division 2 is one of the most important items throughout the game, it aids unlocking skills and adds perks to the character. SHD Tech is limited in the game and you need to meet up with the Quartermaster to unlock the perks and skills gained.

The Division short for Strategic Homeland Division deploys the SHD Tech and these are the ways you can earn them in the game.

  • You can either level up
  • Complete story missions which will award you with SHD Tech
  • You can also look around for these in the open world in the game
  • Completing SHD side missions will also grant you the SHD Tech

The more you level up, the more perks and skills you will be able to equip which will ultimately help you in becoming a better agent. You get one SHD Tech each time you level up.

But completing story missions often grant multiple SHD Tech and will grant you a lot of XP to level up.

SHD Tech Caches Location

The first hidden SHD Tech location is nearby the first safe house you unlock in the game, you can more of these around the map. You may have to search deep down in alleyways and it is not often easily found.

Mostly you can find them in the open around enemy territory and otherwise just out in the open too.

You may find some locked up behind, a locked fence but you can always shoot the lock off and collect the loot.

Best Way To Farm SHD Tech

The most effective way to farm SHD Tech is to complete the specific SHD Tech Side Mission, this will have the most chances to getting SHD Tech caches, and the more districts you unlock, the more SHD Tech you will discover.

Before beginning any mission, it will show you how much level is needed and how many SHD Tech can be earned from the particular mission.

Each district will offer different and unique missions which will give you more SHD Tech as you play through the game.

For more guides on The Division 2, make sure you check out other guides and let us know in the comments if you have found more ways to farm SHD Tech.