How To Get To Dissonance Resonators In No Man’s Sky

With the addition of Corrupted Planets, a new threat of corrupted forces has emerged, one of them being the Dissonance Resonator.

No Man’s Sky has introduced a new type of planet along with new foes in the form of corrupted sentinels, one of which is the Dissonance Resonator. With new enemies, ships, locations, etc. there is a whole lot to explore in the new Interceptor update. It even added new weapons for both ships and multitool. The game already had so much to do with countless hours of gameplay but still even more is always appreciated. Hello Games are determined to keep adding to the game and making it like it was always meant to be. Let’s take a look at Dissonance Resonators and what rewards they give for killing it.

How to Find and Loot Dissonance Resonator in No Man’s Sky

Dissonance Resonators No Mans Sky

Ominous Dissonance Resonators in No Man’s Sky are robotic machines that drill into the crust of corrupted Sentinel Planets. They pump out whatever decay and darkness simmers below the surface. Built from rare Sentinel materials, destroying these machines is both lucrative and dangerous as it will anger the corrupted sentinels around.

These corrupted sentinels and other robots can be a tough fight. Corrupted sentinels are able to recharge each other’s health when one reaches low health. Focus your fire on low-health Sentinels and finish them off quickly before they can get regenerated.

Once you put enough firepower into the Dissonance Resonator, it will explode and give you its loot. It can drop Inverted Mirrors, useful for crafting items but it has a rare chance to also drop an Echo Locator. When used, this echo locator can pinpoint the location of a Harmonic camp. These are settlements taken over by corruption.

That is all you need to know on how to find and loot Dissonance Resonators in No Man’s Sky, for more guides like this, check out our other articles on No Man’s Sky like how to find corrupted planets and how to get the better class starships.