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Disney Mirrorverse Tier List (May 2023)

Check out this Disney Mirrorverse Tier List where all the characters are ranked from best to worst. Choose optimal guardians for your team.

Disney Mirrorverse is a mobile role-playing action game from Kabam. In this game, you will have to beat the Fractured with your favorite characters from Disney and Pixar movies. Now, there are many characters in this game to choose from and so we decided to help you choose with a tier list. We will rank these Guardians from best to worst under Tiers S, A, B, C, and D. These characters are themselves divided into four classes: Melee, Ranged, Tank, and Support so you can choose according to your playstyle. That being said, here is our Disney Mirrorverse Tier List.

Disney Mirrorverse Tier List – Best Guardians Ranked (2023)

Disney Mirrorverse Guardian Rapunzel

Note that this tier list is subjective. It’s based on our playstyle and it can change from player to player.

Tier List Guardians (Characters) Class
S Tier Cruella Ranged
S Tier Mickey Mouse Support
S Tier Hiro Hamada Support
S Tier Ariel Melee
S Tier Jack Skellington Support
S Tier Zurg Ranged
S Tier Simba Tank
A Tier Violet Parr Support
A Tier Scrooge McDuck Support
A Tier WALL-E Tank
A Tier Tron Ranged
A Tier Scar Melee
A Tier Gaston Ranged
A Tier Snow White Melee
A Tier Mr. Incredible Tank
A Tier Minnie Mouse Melee
B Tier Maui Tank
B Tier Anger Melee
B Tier Dory Support
B Tier Sulley Tank
B Tier Maleficent Ranged
B Tier Rapunzel Melee
B Tier Tiana Support
B Tier Oogie Boogie Tank
B Tier Baymax Tank
B Tier Frank Wolff Support
B Tier Evil Queen Support
B Tier Buzz Lightyear Ranged
B Tier Judy Hopps Ranged
B Tier Elsa Ranged
B Tier Donald Duck Tank
B Tier Anna Melee
B Tier Hades Ranged
C Tier Woody Melee
C Tier Genie Tank
C Tier Belle Support
C Tier Stitch Melee
C Tier Mulan Melee
C Tier Aladdin Melee
C Tier Ursula Tank
C Tier Merida Ranged
C Tier Eve Ranged
D Tier Hercules Melee
D Tier Tinker Bell Ranged
D Tier Mike Wazowski Support
D Tier Jack Sparrow Support
D Tier Baloo Tank
D Tier Goofy Ranged
D Tier Ian Lightfoot Support
D Tier Captain Hook Melee

There you have our Disney Mirrorverse Tier list. You can also team up characters so choose the classes wisely. We hope our list of Mirrorverse characters ranked from best to worst helped you choose the right Guardians for your team. Want to level up your Guardians? Check out our How to Level Up Guardians guide soon.