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How To Fix Discord Crashing On IOS 15

Here is a how to fix the Discord crashing on iOS 15 error.

With the ever-growing gaming community, Discord has proven to be the best platform for communication. Recently, the iPhone 13 was launched along with the new iOS 15 updates. This looks like a promising combination between iOS and Discord for gaming. However, things aren’t the way they should be. Many Apps like Discord keep crashing in iOS 15. This is a very serious issue as could lead to dire losses. In today’s guide, I will show you how to fix Discord crashing on iOS 15.

How to Fix Discord Crashing on iOS 15


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As of this article, the iOS 15 update is fairly new and contains a few bugs which make apps like Discord crash. This is more prevalent with the iPhone 13 as it was released with the iOS 15. There are a few things you can do to fix the crashing. Some of them are generic and some are specific so try all of the steps to see if the issue gets resolved.

This issue is a global-wide problem so it is face to say that there are no major issues with your device. It also leads to the possibility of a remedy update that will patch up the crashing issue in the iOS 15 OS. So do keep a track of iOS updates and Discord updates if they are present and install them as soon as you can. Another solution you can try is to uninstall and re-install Discord back onto your iPhone. This method has worked for many users and should fix the crashing problem. Keep on reinstalling Discord till it starts working. The final one is to just restart your device. Shut down and restart your iPhone and the problem should go away. This will reset any data that was causing the crashing issue on iOS 15.


The above steps should fix the issue of Discord crashing on iOS 15. They are generic solutions but at the moment they are the best steps you can take to mitigate the issue at hand. Hopefully, this guide helped you in fixing the issue. You can also check out our guides on Changing Text Fonts in Discord and Crashing fix for Genshin Impact on the iOS.