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Discord Font Generator – How To Change Fonts In Discord?

Here is how you can change the font of your text and used font generators in Discord.

Discord is one of the best Social Platforms for connecting to other people. It’s simple yet effective and elegant as well. Although sometimes you want to get creative with your messages. Like, maybe you want to change the font style of your text. Maybe even you want to use characters that Discord is not in-built. Then there are Servers where you see so many stylized texts and you want to use them. Don’t worry, this guide will explain how you can use a Discord Font Generator and how to change Fonts in Discord.

How to Change Fonts in Discord


discord font changes

Discord has some pretty neat tricks that you can use to apply font changes to your text. Some of these include Bolding, Italizing, Underlining, Colored Text, and many more. You can do these font styles by placing your text in between special characters. Encase your text within these special characters. Here is a list of what you can do.

  • **BOLD**: use the double asterisks for Bold Text.
  • *ITALICS*: use the single asterisks for Italics Text.
  • _ITALICS_: use the single underscores for Italics Text.
  • ***BOLD & ITALICS***: use the triple asterisks for Bold & Italics Text.
  • __UNDERLINE__: use the double underscores for Underline Text.
  • ~~STRIKETHROUGH~~: use the double tildes for Strikethrough Text.
  • ||SPOILER||: use the double vertical bar for Spoiler Text.
  • `HIGHLIGHTED`: use the single backtick for Highlighted Text.
  • /command: using forward slash, we can open up a list of commands that can be used as text like /tableflip, /unflip. etc.
  • \TEXT: using a backslash, we can cancel the functionality of the special characters. For Example, \`text` will not Highlight the text. It will print as it is.
  • >QUOTE BAR: use the single left angle bracket for Quote Bar Text

These are the ways you can use to change the font of a text message in Discord. There are ways to color text as well. They are a bit complicated so bear with me. You will need to type your message in this format.

  • Code:
    • “`(code)
  • Codes:
    • diff
    • arm
    • fix
    • css
    • asciidoc

Use these codes to change the color of your text. You will have to mess around with them and using special characters like [], +, >, etc will provide more color options.


Font Generators

Well, the above methods are a little more user-oriented work but we can reduce that. Discord Font Generators are websites that allow you to generate text in styles you like. These are those styles you see in other Discord servers. Just use one of them, generate your text, select the style you want, copy it, and paste it in Discord. For example, when you type Hello it will be typed in the default text font. But if you run through a Text Generator, you can get something like ℌ𝔢𝔩𝔩𝔬.

Discord Text Font Generators are pretty fun and easy to use. Experiment with them to get the best text font style you want. This was all about changing Fonts and using Discord Font Generators in Discord. Hopefully, this guide helped beautify your Discord Server. You can also check our guides on Dank Memer Bot and Useful Bots to have in Discord.