How To Win Races in Dirt 5

Here are some tips and tricks to win races in Dirt 5.

Dirt 5 is a new racing video game developed and published by Codemasters. What makes the Dirt franchise quite popular among the gaming community is its realistic take on off-road racing. Unlike other racing video games, winning a race in Dirt 5 is not quite easy. If you are having trouble winning races in Dirt 5 then this guide will teach you the same in the simplest way possible.

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Dirt 5: How To Win Races

Before we reveal any tips and trick to win races in Dirt 5, the first thing you should know is to always keep a close eye on your map. Keeping an eye on your map will not only inform you about other racer’s location but also show you what is coming when it comes to the design of the track.

This really comes into play by giving you a heads up about curves. Taking advantage of the curves by bouncing off of other racers by taking the inside track on the curve is highly recommended. Doing this will help you get around a number of them at a time, which can pay dividends.  

When you are past the curves, you will want to push it into high gear and try to ride as fast you can. While taking advantage of curves will help you gain the most ground, taking advantage of straightaways can also be quite useful for you.

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Once you have managed to get a lead, it would be better to begin being a bit conservative. Instead of using any tricks on to maneuver around sharp curves, you might want to take it a bit easier once you get a decent lead. Notably, the moment you start making mistakes, your opponents will catch up and make it a lot difficult for you to win any race in Dirt 5.

It would be better to just almost come to a stop around the curve and then instantly jet back once you are heading the right direction.

These are not specific things to win a race in Dirt 5 but some useful tips and tricks that will surely help you perform better in the game. If you are still finding it hard to get a decent lead in Dirt 5 then turning the down the difficulty level is highly recommended.