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How To Unlock Throwdowns in Dirt 5

Here's how to unlock Throwdowns in Dirt 5.

Dirt 5 has introduced plenty of modes to play through. One of them is Career Mode, which allows you to pit against a group of 11 other racers simultaneously, with the primary goal to get the first position. There are various tracks in Dirt 5 that you run through solo, where you will have to beat in a particular time. For the unversed, there are some 1v1 races available in Dirt 5, which are called Throwdowns.


How To Unlock Throwdowns In Dirt 5

Throwdowns are something that you will have to unlock in DIrt 5. Yes, they are not readily available from the beginning of the game. Throwdown races pits you against a single opponent such as Daniel ‘Lionheart’ Lyon or Ruby “Crown Jewels” Owen, with the task to beat them in the race. 

Dirt 5 Throwdowns Unlock Guide

The moment you start playing through in Career mode, you will notice three different tabs at the top bar. The first tab is for Events and the second is for Throwdowns and the last is for Sponsors. However, if you head over to Throwdowns right now, you would not find any of them available for you to play.

So, instead of goin to Throwdowns, you should go back to the Events tab and start taking parts in different events. Unlocking Throwdowns in Dirty 5 is not very simple, you will have to keep participating in various events.

When you are done completing your first Main Event, you will have AJ informing you about Throwdowns for the first time. This means that you have successfully unlocked the first Throwdown, which can easily be accessed from the Throwdowns tab.


Just getting more Stamps in Dirty 5 would not help you to unlock more Throwdowns in the game, you will have to complete certain action to get these special events unlocked.

That’s everything you need to know about how to unlock Throwdowns In Dirt 5. If you found this guide helpful, don’t miss our other hidden tips and tricks for this game. Also learn how to get more Stamps and new Sponsors in Dirt 5.