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How To Change Camera View In Dirt 5

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Dirt 5 is a racing video game, and similar to other racing games, it has got different camera angles to switch between. The default camera angle, as like most games, is behind and above the car you are controlling. However, each player has their choices and preferences for camera angles. Hence, we are here to help you switch between camera angles as and when you require them. Reading this how to change camera view in Dirt 5 guide will help you avoid being stuck with the default camera angle.


Dirt 5: How to Change Camera Angle in Dirt 5

You can change the camera view in Dirt 5 by simply pressing L1 on Playstation and LB on Xbox. Pressing the said button will let you toggle among the six different camera angles available in the game unless you settle for the one that you like.

how to change camera angle in dirt 5

Dirt 5 has six camera angles to offer. Among the six, a couple is from behind the cars, a few on the front bumper, and one behind the steering wheel. You can choose any of the camera angles completely based on your preferences. Since the button will toggle between the available angles, you can easily use it to view all six of them before sticking to a particular one.

You can also change the camera angle from within a race. Hence, you don’t even have to worry about completing an entire race with the camera view you have chosen at the beginning of the race.

The best time to change the camera view in Dirt 5 is when you have a straight road in front of you. This will help reduce the chances of going off track or crashing while changing the camera angle.


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