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Diablo Immortal: Best XP Farm Guide

Here's all you need to Farm XP in Diablo Immortal and level up quickly.

Diablo Immortal is Blizzard’s latest installment in the Diablo franchise. The free-to-play game was recently launched on Android and iOS. It has garnered the attraction of players old and new as they look to explore the world of Sanctuary. If you are new to the game then it would be better that you check out this guide and learn how to Farm XP in Diablo Immortal and Level up fast.


How to Farm XP in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Farm XP

As you explore the world of Sanctuary, fighting the undead, monsters, creatures, and the bosses you will want to level up fast. The best way to level up fast is to grind and farm for XP. Additionally, you can unlock several Legendary Items and Resources once you increase your XP. Here are a few things you can do as a daily activity to farm XP and level up fast in Diablo Immortal:


  • Bounty Board
  • Battle Pass
  • Experience Globe
  • Dungeons & Rifts

Bounty Board

Once you reach the city of Westmarch you will unlock the Bounty Board. You can complete up to 8 bounties per day and completing these gives your XP a major boost. Bounty Board is a great way to Farm XP on a daily basis. Even if you miss out on a few, up to 3 bounties will be rolled over to the next day.


Battle Pass

Level Up Fast in Diablo Immortal

Battle Pass is the best way to Farm XP in Diablo Immortal and level up fast. Increasing one Battle Pass level almost single-handedly helps you level up your XP. There are a lot of Activities, Guides, and Quests that will give you XP. Many of these will be lined up with your Main questline.


Experience Globe

Experience Globe are usually dropped by bosses or high-tier monsters and provides a certain amount of additional XP. While this is a good way to farm there is no guarantee of getting high XP. What you can do is activate as many Pool of Reflection that you come across in the Sanctuary.

This Pool of Reflection provides you with a temporary boost that enables you to get Experience Globe from every creature that you kill. This will have a major impact on boosting your XP.

Dungeons & Rifts

Once you reach around Level 30, Dungeons, Elder Rifts, and Challenge Rifts will be one of the major sources of XP. It would be a good activity to play a few of these daily. Dungeons are unlocked once you clear the level of that particular Dungeon and the Rifts can be accessed from the city of Westmarch. These are action and monster packed and will be your driver to Level 60.

Apart from all these, you will obviously receive tons of XP from the main questline. It will take you to at least Level 25 on its own before you start gaining XP from all these.

That’s all you need from this guide to farm XP and level up fast in Diablo Immortal. While you are here, make sure you check out Legacy of the Horadrim, Best Demon Hunter Build, and other Diablo Immortal guides, tips, and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.