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Diablo Immortal Tasks To Do Daily

Here's everything you should do Daily in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal just arrived on iOS and Android and is gaining a lot of attention from new players. The action RPG game can be played in the PvE and PvP mode and you will have to grind a lot to reach that legendary stage. There are some tasks to do daily in Diablo Immortal that will help you in your grind, so let’s check out this things to-do list.

What are the Daily Tasks for Diablo Immortal?


Daily Activities Diablo Immortal

These are some Daily tasks that you can utilize to grind in Diablo Immortal, just complete as many as you can from this list of things –

Free Daily Rewards


You can start by collecting the Free Daily Rewards everyday. Head over to the Bundles section in your shop. There you will be able to claim your rewards.

First Kill of the Day

Complete the First Kill of the day. Even if you can’t grind the entire day, just login and make your first kill. Now you can collect the reward from the First Kill of the Day tab. This tab keeps updating weekly so make sure you don’t miss out.


Complete Daily Activities

You should also complete those daily activities that appear on your screen. These will give you good XP and rewards. These might be sometimes aligned with the Bounty Board.

Bounty Board Tasks


Daily Tasks To Do Diablo Immortal

You can unlock the Bounty Board from Westmarch. There are a total of 12 tasks daily that are provided in batches of four. Once you complete go to Derek near the Bounty Board and he will reward you for the bounties. This is one of the most important task of this things to do daily list in Diablo Immortal.

Complete Challenge Rifts

Challenge Rifts is basically like a leaderboard and you will be rewarded the following day depending on your position. Its a good way to collect some rewards.

Complete Cycle of Strife

There are Shadow and Immortal daily activities and quests that you must complete to have potential rewards for yourself and push your faction further ahead.

Check the Hilts Trader

You can visit the Hilts Trader in Westmarch. He has a list of items in the Limited Tab section that might be useful to you. You will have to buy the items of course.

Complete the Daily Battlegrounds Challenge

This is a PvP challenge which requires you to complete three battlegrounds each day. You will be rewarded with XP and other items.

These are all the tasks from this things to do daily list in Diablo Immortal. We recommend you complete as many as you can to assist in your grind. If you liked this guide, make sure you check out other guides, tips and tricks right here on Gamer Tweak.