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Destiny 2: How To Complete The Exodus: Evacuation Quest

Complete the Exodus: Evacuation quest to get the Traveler's Chosen Exotic.

The Destiny 2: Season of Arrival’s last set of challenges has been kicked off. After Exodus: Preparation quest, it is the second part of the last quest in Destiny 2. Evacuation is the last quest in the Exodus and acts as the bridge that takes the Season of Arrivals to Destiny 2’s new season named Beyond Light. The new season has been delayed, but the players can continue to complete the evacuation quest to get the final reward, the Traveler’s Chosen Exotic.


The quest task players to communicate with several NPCs from the game before leaving for the Beyond Light season. Many of these NPCs will further task the players to complete their own missions. Here are all the missions to complete the Traveler’s hosen Exotic and Exodus: Evacuation quest on Destiny 2.

How to Complete Destiny 2: The Exodus: Evacuation Quest

To begin with, you will need to talk to Zavala and pick up the evacuation questline from him. Then you will have to visit NPCs from Io, Titan, Mercury, and Mars and complete all the tasks given by them to finally complete the quest itself.

How to Complete Io’s Exodus: Evacuation Quest

Asher Mir

Speak with Asher Mir


When you bring the news from Zavala to Asher Mir on Io, he tasks you with the following missions:

Collect 25x fragments from Taken mobs and Taken Phalanx Barrism

Run-on the Sanctum of Bones sector, which is located opposite to Asher Mir, and kill a unique type of enemy there. Now collect 25 fragments from here. Defeating the enemies will give a Sanctum of Bones chest, open it to get some loot.

Complete the Pyramidion Strike

Visit the Pyramidion strike from Io’s map and defeat 40 vex to complete this challenge. Each vexes will give 1 fragment, all you need to do is collect 40 of them.


Complete the Unexpected Guests heroic adventure

You can find this quest itself on Io’s map. It has a large blue-colored icon. Click on the icon and complete the adventure. When you enter the adventure, you can either find a totem to interact with or directly start with a double-blind step mission. You can complete the Unexpected Guests heroic adventure in both ways.

Return to Asher Mir

Once all three missions are completed go back to Asher Mir and collect the reward Silicon Neuroma sniper rifle that he gives you.

How to Complete Titan’s Exodus: Evacuation Quest


Speak with Sloane

Once the quest on Io, head to Titan and talk to Sloane. She will again give a few tasks to complete. Here’s the list of what she will ask of you.

Defeat a unique enemy in the Methane Flush lost sector

This is a straightforward task and you just need to visit the Methane Flush lost sector and clear it. One of the enemies you will find here is the Hive Knight Dek-Thra. Defeat the enemy to get a chest. Open the Methane Flush chest here and go for the next task.

Open chests guarded by Hive ultras (bosses)

There are a total of three chests you need to open, one is in the Solarium and the other two in Festering Halls. All these chests are guarded by Hive ultra bosses. You need to defeat each enemy and open the chests to complete this task.

Complete the Savathun’s Song strike

You will need to make a run on the Savathun’s Song strike and defeat wizards and knights on the way. This will give you 25 Tech fragments. Collect the fragments to complete the task and then go back to Sloane.

Return to Sloane

Head back to Sloane after completing the tasks and collect the reward of Duty Bound auto rifle.

Now before heading for Mercury, you will have to visit Zavala again to collect a bounty for all your hard work until now. Zavala will give you Mindbender’s Ambition Masterworked shotgun, collect it and then go ahead.

How to Complete Mercury’s Exodus: Evacuation Quest

How to complete the Exodus: Evacuation quest in Destiny 2

Speak with Brother Vance

After completing the tasks given by Sloane, head to Mercury, and visit Brother Vance. Vance will then give you some objectives to achieve. These objectives are:

Complete A Garden World strike

Select the Garden World strike from the map and defeat hydras, minotaurs, and cyclopses there. Collect 15 Timeline Fractures from them and head to the next task.

Complete the Tree of Probabilities strike

This is similar to other strikes, just run the strike and defeat Cabal enemies on the way. Collect 40 fragments called the Traces of Osirin from them to complete this objective.

Complete the Bug in the System heroic adventure

Similar to the Heroic adventure, this is also found on the map itself. Open the map, select the adventure, and complete it.

Return to Brother Vance

Once all the above objectives are completed, return back to Brother Vance and get the D.F.A. hand cannon.

How to Complete Mercury’s Exodus: Evacuation Quest

Ana Bray

Speak with Ana Bray

Visit the vendor from Mars, Ana Bray to collect the objectives that you need to complete here. The list of objectives include:

Investigate the Mindlab: Rasputin zone

This objective will task you with scanning a location named Rasputin within Mindlab. The area is located just past Ana Bray. Go to the location and scan it to complete the objective.

Collect 5 frame pieces from bosses in the Escalation Protocol public activity

There are 5 levels in the Escalation protocol and there is a boss at the end of each level. All you need to do is defeat all the bosses and collect the 5 frame pieces.

Complete the Deathly Tremors heroic adventure

This is again a heroic adventure that can be completed from the map of Mars. Select the adventure and complete it before heading to Ana Bray for the last time.

Return to Ana Bray

Once completed return to Ana Bray and she will give you Braytech Osprey rocket launcher. This is the last thing that you need to do to complete the Traveler’s Chosen Exotic and Exodus: Evacuation quest.

When you have completed all the objectives assigned by vendors from all the four planets, head back to Zalava. Zalava will grant you the final reward, the Traveler’s Chosen Exotic sidearm, for completing the Traveler’s Chosen Exotic and Exodus: Evacuation quest in Destiny 2. The Traveler’s Chose Exotic sidearm has several perks such as Gathering Light and Gift of the Traveler.

That’s how you complete the Traveler’s Chosen Exotic and Exodus: Evacuation quest in Destiny 2 and get your reward. The Exotic sidearm weapon is more powerful than any regular ones.