How To Complete Exodus: Preparation Quest in Destiny 2

During Exodus: Preparation Zavala will seek your help, so here is guide to help you on how to finish the quest and unlock cool rewards.

Exodus: Preparation quest in Destiny 2 will have you get ready for what’s to come in the game, your job is to help Zavala as he begins his fortification plans in order to save what’s left. If you want to complete this quest but are having issues, this guide will help solve that.

How To Complete Exodus: Preparation Quest in Destiny 2

The Exodus: Preparation in Destiny 2 beings with Zavala seeking your help, he’s become quite anxious in preparation of the doom that’s going to descend upon us in the Beyond Light DLC which will make its way in September. To start off this quest you will need to go to the Tower and speak to Zavala, he can be found behind the Eververse store at the center.

Follow the steps given below and you will easily cruise through this quest with little or no effort.

1. Task at Hand

As soon as you talk to Zavala, he will take you to Titan and have you speak to Deputy Commander Sloane. Find her next to the Siren’s Watch fast travel point, as soon as you talk to her the quest ‘Task at Hand’ will begin.

Complete the Weekly Bounty for Sloane which involves you defending the pyramid, there are two tasks available. One involves a Strike available on Titan and taking down the Hive. The other one will have you kill the Hive and complete three patrols when you complete these tasks go back to Sloane and talk to her and she will thank you for your services.

2. Preparing Io

Now, you will have to go to Io and talk to Asher about assisting him to help the planet prepare for what’s to come in the future. Go through the Rupture fast travel point and just like Sloane you will once again have to complete a weekly bounty for Asher.

You will have two options and you can choose either one, the first one will have you complete three public events or you can opt for performing 60 abilities against enemies to progress in this quest. Once you’re done with this, go back to Asher and talk you will complete the quest.

3. Back To Zavala

After you’re done with the above requirements by helping Sloane and Asher, return back to Zavala who will offer you a masterwork grenade launcher named, ‘The Militia’s Birthright’. While it may seem like the end of the quest, you’re only halfway done. Talk to Brother Vance on Mercury as he will need your assistance.

4. A Brother’s Guidance

Travel to The Lighthouse fast travel point on Mercury and go right to the very top of the tower to speak with Brother Vance. Once again you will have to complete a weekly bounty to assist Brother Vance and you can choose between completing a Strike and defeating 75 combatants or taking down 7 Minotaurs or Hydras and performing 10 finishing attacks on combatants you come across on Mercury.

Complete the requirements and meet up with Brother Vance to report on your completion and this will take you to the next part of the quest.

5. Breytech Support

For this part, you will have to go to Mars and talk to Ana, simply fast travel to the Braytech Futurescape and talk to her inside the huge building where you arrive.

Here too, you will have to complete a weekly bounty and your choices are between defeating 60 Thralls and using melee against 25 combatants or you could choose to perform a strike on Mars and defeat 75 combatants. This shouldn’t take much time and once you’re done go back to Ana and report to her about your success.

6. Report back to Zavala

This time when you go back and meet with Zavala you won’t be rewarded with a new weapon but you do get to unlock the Triumph Exodus: Preparation.

That’s all there is to know about how to complete the Exodus: Preparation Quest in Destiny 2. Make sure to check out where to find the Calcified Light Fragments in Destiny 2.