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How to Complete Unexpected Guests Heroic Adventure on Io in Destiny 2

Double Blind step is required to complete Exodus: Evacuation Exotic quest in Destiny 2. But to complete this quest you will have play Unexpected Guests Heroic Adventure.

Some of the missions of Destiny 2 can be confusing as they are linked with some other side objective. One of them is completing the Double Blind Step. It is a objective in Exodus: Evacuation Exotic quest. You will have to complete Unexpected Guests Heroic Adventure to move forward with this. The adventure is located on Io and this in Destiny 2 guide I will help you with completing the event. Just follow the steps below.


How to Complete Double Blind Step in Destiny 2?

After accepting the Exodus: Evacuation quest from Zavala you will have to walk through different task’s to finally unlock the Double Blind Step. Previous steps are straight forward just follow the objectives and here is how to complete the Double Blind Step.

This part of the challenge requires you to complete Unexpected Guest Heroic Adventure. Go to Io via Director’s Destination menu. Look above Pyramidion and select the adventure. If you land on Io to find a totem to interact you will get nothing. You can start playing Double Blind step directly from the Director’s menu.

In this way you can complete Double Blind step without going through any additional grinding and return back to the remaining Exodus: Evacuation quests. The quest objective is to evacuate all four planets and return back to Zavala. Completing  Exodus: Evacuation quests will reward you with a Traveler’s Chosen Exotic, an sidearm.

The exotic weapon brings up more damage compared to an regular version. This is how you can complete the Double Blind Step in Destiny 2.