Demonfall: How To Sell Demon Horns

Here's all about the location where you can sell Demon Horns to make Yens fast.

If you are a Demon Slayer, chances are you have some demon parts. You can sell Demon Horns in Demonfall to make easy Yen. Find out where and how to sell them and make a quick buck.

Demonfall Demon Horns Guide – Where to Sell?

Follow the steps given below to sell Demon Horns in Demon Fall. You don’t have to go to the Shop for this, there’s a different NPC who will help you out in this situation.

  • First, head to Garry who will take you to any village for a price – 100 Yens.
  • Click on Okuiya Village.
  • Then from there, head to the Demon Slayer Corps Headquarters.
  • You will meet an NPC at this location, his name is John.
demonfall demon horns
Meet John to sell Demon Parts to earn Money fast
  • Interact with him and he will ask you if you would like to sell Demon Parts to him.
  • Click on Yes during the interaction.
  • As soon as you do that, all your Demon Horns will be sold to him and your Yen amount will increase according to it.

Players may find it difficult to locate the Demon Slayer Corps Headquarters location. Check out this video to know exactly where it is:

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Note that you can only sell Horns if you are a Slayer, being a Demon will, of course, not work. In case you don’t have any Demon Horns yet, all you have to do is defeat Demons.

Do note that you need to give Rengoku 20 Demon Horns to get Flame Breathing and give Grimm 20 Demon Horns to get Wind Breathing. So players need to decide when to keep and when to sell those horns accordingly.

That’s everything about how to get and sell Demon Horns in Demonfall. We’ve got lots of tips and tricks that provide hidden secrets to do well in the game. Check out how Breath Indict works, how to level up fast, how to earn money quickly, how to change Demon Art and more in our Roblox Demonfall guides.