How To Delete An Outpost In Starfield

Follow this easy guide to understand how to Delete your Outpost in Starfield.

By using the Outpost building system in Starfield, players can utilize materials to create a space of their own by setting bases on different planets, across the galaxy. You are given eight Outposts when you first start with the game. If you are focused on expanding your empire and maximizing your resources, you will soon be left with none. In such cases, to build another one, you will have to delete one of your old ones. Deleting them can be a fairly taxing experience, as there is no direct tutorial in the game to help you do this. Follow this guide to learn how to easily delete and remove your Outpost in Starfield.

How to Remove an Outpost in Starfield

Deleting Outpost In Starfield

  1. Go up to the main Beacon that you set up to create the Outpost.
  2. Once you are close enough, you will see the option of ‘Remove Outpost‘ just below ‘Rename’.
  3. Hold the ‘R’ key for PC and hold ‘X’ on the controller. (Make sure you hold the key/button, instead of clicking it otherwise, it will go to ‘Rename’ instead)
  4. You will get a pop-up that will ask you again if you want to proceed with the removal, You can click on ‘Yes’ if you are sure of your decision.

It is important to note that you will not get back any of the materials you invested while building the Outpost. Only a few players reported that they got back some of their materials.

How to Make More Outposts in Starfield

  • If you are serious about building them, you will have to unlock the Planetary Habitation science skill.
  • It is the fourth tier of the science category skills, therefore, to get it you will have to go through branches two and three, first.
  • With this, you will be able to build Outposts even on hazardous planets.

This was how to remove and delete Outposts in Starfield. If you are not able to build new Outposts because you can’t find the original one you created, refer to how to find outpost and check out more guides on Starfield, right here on Gamer tweak.