How To Beat Harley Quinn In Gotham Knights?

Harley Quinn Bossfight has a total of four phases of combat. She can summon additional enemies and can make the fight more complicated. Here are some tricks on how to beat her.

Harley Quinn is a powerful Boss in Gotham Knights. Fast acrobatic movements, a powerful hammer swing, and explosive gadgets make her more lethal. If you are finding it hard to defeat Harley Quinn In Gotham Knights then this guide is for you. I will share a list of skills you must have, the best character to fight Harley Quinn, and tricks on how not to die in Gotham Knights Harley boss fight.

How to Defeat Harley Quinn?

Batgirl & Nightwing

There are four phases of Harley’s Boss battle. The first two are not that challenging, but the last two are. Mostly her moves are repetitive, the secret of winning this boss fight is evade. Playing defensive will let you stay longer in the fight until you get a window to unleash combos. This makes the boss battle slow and challenging.

Best Hero To Defeat Harley Quinn

There are two characters in Gotham Knights who are best at fighting against Harley Quinn. The first one is BatGirl and the second is Nightwing. BatGirl’s movement as best to evade Harley’s attack. Both are fast and can dodge each other’s attacks. With the right set of abilities Batgirl can beat down Harley, but she can face tough times if Harley is having additional support on the ground. Nightwing’s combos are quite amazing, and powerful against Harley’s defense. He has a stick that generates an electric stun attack that can offer additional help during the fight. So you can pick either one of these two characters for the boss battle.

Here are details of the focused skills that you must try to have before the boss fight. If you are playing as Nightwing then his swift movement + acrobatic skills make him a good asset for the fight. He is also an expert in crowd control which adds the dual advantage of dealing with Harley’s soldiers.

Focused Skills: Raptor

  • Trampoline
  • Aerial Bounce

Focused Skills: Acrobat

  • Extra Momentum
  • Evade Chain
  • Haly’s Favorite

If you are playing as Batgirl then focus on gaining the following skills. Batgirl is a kind of all-rounder character. Batgirl’s HP Plus skill increases HP by 40%. So she can stay longer in the fight.

Focused Skills: Grit

  • HP Plus
  • Enemy Counter Focus
  • Second Wind

Focused Skills: Oracle & Knighthood

  • Shocking Devices
  • Health Regen+

Tricks to Defeat Harley Quinn

Once you are done deciding which character to pick and have the required set of skills here is what to do in the boss fight. Harley’s Boss Fight has a total of four phases. They are unlocked as her health keeps falling. In each phase, there will be a little change in the fight. Also, Harley will keep on throwing explosive mines on the floor. If you fall in the range it will stun you. Just look for red circles and stay out of it. In simple words, you will need a lot of health to stay alive and you can get more health via Health Packs in Gotham Knights.

Phase 1:

  1. Dodge when you see glowing red circles on Harley’s weapons.
  2. It is hard to block power attacks, so best evade them.
  3. The best window to attack is when Harley is done with her combos.
  4. A common attack in Phase 1 is jump + hammer swing.

Phase 2:

  1. Defeat 6 enemies. This will be a quick level because Harley is not on the ground.

Phase 3:

  1. In the final phase, Harley will be back on the ground but she is not alone.
  2. You will have to defeat other enemies as well and dodge Harley’s attack.
  3. Focus on clearing the crowd first and try to stay away from Harley.
  4. Nightwings Arial combo attacks are going to play a huge role here.

Final Phase:

  1. Now you will be in hand-to-hand combat with Harley. In the final phase, she will release more charged-up attacks, and will also use her gadgets frequently.
  2. You will have to maintain combo attacks and evade her trap of gadgets.
  3. The strategy here remains the same, keep hitting her until the health bar drops to 0.

Things to avoid:

Harley Boss Fight Guide

If you get caught in Harley’s power attack there is no way to cancel. You will lose a decent amount of health. Instead, dodge away as soon as you see red circles on Harley’s weapon. Another issue is with the explosive gadgets and other enemies. Enemies will also have power attacks that will throw you off ground. Dodging is the only way to avoid it.

The fight will end with a cutscene. Most of Harley’s moves are repetitive. You just have to maintain your pace of attacks, and dodge away when she is glowing red. Also avoiding explosives is necessary because they can stun you for seconds.

Harley Quinn is of the many bosses and there are quite a few challenging villains in Gotham Knights. Refer to the link to know more about them as well as check this link for the best characters of the Gotham Knights.