Gotham Knights Healing Guide: How To Get More Health

Here's how to get more Health in Gotham Knights.

Combat is one of the most important aspects of an action role-playing game. Since Gotham Knights fall under this category, WB didn’t fail to deliver a wide range of combat moves in this game. Although, at some point, even the Knights may get hit by a punch or a bullet while fighting against a hoard of enemies. This makes it possible that you may run out of Health on several occasions in this game. However, rather than causing damage, players can use Health Packs to heal themselves in this game. For the new players who do not know how to get more health in Gotham Knights, you have arrived at the right place. Check out this guide to know how to heal yourselves in this game.

How to get more Health in Gotham Knights

How To Get More Health In Gotham Knights

If you have already started playing Gotham Knights, then you may know that there is no dedicated tutorial on recovering health. Health Bar can be seen on the bottom left side of the screen. Thereafter, if you are a PC player, then simply press the Z key to regain health. Whereas, if you are playing on a Console, use the right button on your d-pad to replenish your health.

You may have 7 health packs by default in your Inventory. Here’s a tip, if you have less than 7 Health Packs left, simply fast-travel to Belfry to restock the Health Packs. Moreover, health packs are often dropped by Brute enemies after they are defeated in Gotham Knights

Also, keep in mind that whenever you return back to Belfry, all the active night crime will vanish automatically. Further, when you leave Belfry, a new Patrol night starts for you and it refreshes the stock.

To help you more effectively, we are working on YouTube as well. So, make sure to check out this video that will explain about the above topic Visually:

That’s all you can do to gain more health in Gotham Knights. If you found this article helpful, then make sure to check out our other guides on Gotham Knights.