How To Beat Andariel In Diablo 4 (Tips To Defeat Boss)

Longtime players of the Diablo series would be familiar with Andariel. The Maiden of Anguish makes its way back in Diablo 4 and this time she is even more fierce and tough to beat. She has a range of attacks at her disposal that she can use to take you down. Andariel will be summoned at the end of Act 4 in the game where you will have to beat her to progress further in the game. So how exactly can you do that? Here is our guide on how you can beat Andariel in Diablo 4.

How to Beat Andariel in Diablo 4 (Tips & Strategies)

beat andariel diablo 4
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To beat Andariel you will first need to be aware of the area around you. The arena where players will come across the fearsome foe is relatively small because of the ongoing sandstorm and if you get caught, it can deal some damage to your character. The fight somewhat becomes easier once you grasp the playing field around you. You will go through two stages in the fight with Andariel. Make sure you have enough healing potions at your disposal as those can come in handy to gain an upper hand sometimes.

First Stage

In the first stage of the fight, she will be chained up to a wooden arc which would render her movement slow. She will move around slowly stomping across the arena while using her AoE attacks. Players should take that as an advantage in the game and land as many blows as possible.

line of anguish andariel diablo 4
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During this stage, players should be aware of two attacks which are as follows:

  • Line Of Anguish – This is an AoE attack where Andariel will summon red lines on the ground which will chip away your health in the game. You can dodge from these lines and can also use the gaps between the lines to attack her before she casts another attack on you.
andariel rune chains
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  • Rune Chains – More than Lines of Anguish, players should be aware of this attack. Andariel will create a small circular field around a metal pole which will cast out chains, trapping you in the field itself. Players should quickly destroy the pole in the middle to set themselves free before Andariel approaches them. You will have to destroy them one by one to clear out the arena throughout the fight. This makes it easy for players to roam around.

She will also teleport in the arena while chained up, leaving red projectiles to attack you before she spawns again. Avoid these projectiles as they can deal a good amount of damage to you. The second stage will begin once you deal about 25% damage to her health.

Second Stage

andariel chain attack
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Once Andariel enters the second stage of her form, she will represent the monstrous look she had back in Diablo 2. Now along with her attacks from stage 1, players will have to dodge her pincer strikes. Though the strikes wouldn’t be much of a concern as they deal relatively low damage. You can continue to attack her with the blows. The attack to look out for in this stage will be when she will swing her chain toward you. As the area can be occupied with Rune Chains you will have to carefully dodge this attack. You can use your class’ skills according to her attacks in the game. For example, dealing with melee attacks after dodging Lines Of Anguish can deal significant damage if you are a barbarian. Once you defeat Andariel, you will complete Act 4 as well as the Anguish Incarnate quest.

That is everything covered on how you can beat Andariel in Diablo 4. If you are looking to beat Astaroth or Mahjoob check out our guides on them right here on Gamer Tweak.