How To Easily Beat Astaroth In Diablo 4

As you are about to complete Act II of the game you will face Astaroth whom you need to defeat to progress further in Diablo 4. He is the foe that stands in your way to keep you from cleansing evil from the Cerrigar town. Fighting this enemy won’t be easy as his moves add a whole new meaning to the quest As the World Burns. But knowing their counters will help make the fight easier. So here is how you should fight and takedown easily.

How to Defeat Astaroth in Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Beat Astaroth Moves and Counters

To beat Astaroth, depending on your class either attack him from a safe range, or get up close and launch all your attacks at his behind. Both these strategies are effective because you have a better chance of avoiding getting hit by the attacks of Astaroth and his hellhound.

How to Counter Astaroth in Diablo 4

  • Hellhound flamethrower: Hellhound breathes three columns of flame for a few seconds. You can counter this attack by either standing in the gap between the flames, standing out of its attack range, or attacking him from behind.hellhound flamethrower
  • Falling Meteors: As the fight progresses, Astaroth summons meteor strikes. Lookout for red circles on the ground. Quickly sprint or dash outside these circles to avoid getting hit by them. The problem isn’t over just by escaping them. They leave behind craters filled with flames. Move around and don’t walk in them as you will take damage from them.falling meteors
  • Scythe Slash: Astaroth will swing his scythe and attack you. But this attack only works if you are fighting him from the front of his hellhound.scythe slash
  • Summoning hounds: To add to the hassle of dodging meteors you also have to deal with hounds that Astaroth summons. These aren’t as big as the hellhound that Astaroth rides during this fight. But they can be a problem if you only focus on Astaroth and they get to pile up. One way to deal with them would be to kill them first before going back to fight Astaroth.summoning hounds
  • Summoning Werewolves: Similar to hellhounds Astaroth will also start summoning Werewolves to help him in this fight. Just like hellhounds clear all the Werewolves in the area and then go back to fight Astaroth.summoning werewolves

Best way to Defeat Astaroth Faster

Tips to defeat Astaroth in Diablo 4

  • Have AoE attacks: During the later phases of the fight. You will have to deal with a lot of Hellhounds and Werewolves so it is best if you have some sort of AoE attacks that can help clear them out faster.
  • Try Fighting Upclose: It doesn’t matter if you are a Rogue or a Sorcerer. Fighting Astaroth by going behind him will be a very safe play while allowing you to steadily chip away at his health.
  • Timely Use Healing Potions: Saving Healing Potions is good in cases of emergency. But not using them at all spells death. Keep using them regularly as you get them from time to time during the fight.
  • Add Movement Abilities for yourself and Slow Down Enemy: If your class supports it, respec and get yourself some abilities that provide quick movements to escape the boss’ attacks. For Rogue, Dash will come in handy. You can also equip boots that give you an extra evade charge if you have them in your inventory or stash. Use poison and/or cold skills while you unleash your close-range attacks.

Here’s the Necromancer + Rogue (World Tier 2 Gameplay) against Astaroth in action:

That’s all you need to do to Beat Astaroth in Diablo 4. After the fight you will get gold and at least 1 legendary item as a definite drop. And you can also get gears of other rarities if you are lucky. Be sure to check out our Diablo 4 section for more help on other topics for this game.

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