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Death Stranding Difficulty Settings (PC): Which One To Pick?

Death Stranding for PC is here. Choose your Game Difficulty settings carefully because that will determine your experience in this strange but wonderful game. Here's our recommendations on which difficulty level to pick.

Death Stranding is quite the open-world journey – it is something very out of the ordinary. The game has finally released on PC on July 14, 2020 due to which even more players can join the fun. Compared to the Playstation 4 version, the PC version comes with some changes involving photo mode, ultra-widescreen support and high framerates which is great. But an important aspect that can alter your gaming experience is the difficulty level. So, which difficulty settings should you pick? In this guide, we will break it down for you. Here are all the Death Stranding difficulty settings for PC and our recommendations for players.

Which Death Stranding Game Difficulty Settings to choose?


There are four game difficulty levels in Death Stranding and they are – Very Easy, Easy, Normal and Hard. For those looking for less of a challenge and are more focused on enjoying the story – choose the Very Easy or Easy difficulty. On the other hand, those who want to test their own abilities to the max, the Hard level is appropriate. In case you don’t like what you chose, you can switch the level in Death Stranding Difficulty Settings from the Menu. Let’s take a look at these levels in a little more detail.

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Very Easy Difficulty


Since this game was made with the intention to be highly cinematic with a dark narrative, this difficulty is best for those who want to play it like it’s a movie. The plot involves concepts like isolation, death and bridging the gap between humanity, plus it is also a slow burn. So, this is the ideal choice for gamers who are complete movie buffs.

Easy Difficulty

Compared to the Very Easy difficulty, you will receive less of an assistance in this one. In terms of enemy hostility, your detection by them and the damage inflicted on you, things do get slightly more difficult. But overall, this is in the realm of Very Easy difficulty, just that it offers a bit more of a challenge.


Normal Difficulty

This option is the perfect Death Stranding Difficulty Setting for PC and could be the one most players will enjoy. It offers a gameplay that will please movie fans as well as those who like to be challenged. Sam will get unbalanced often, your foes will get more aggressive, your cargo can be destroyed more easily and will see more damage from Timefall. For any gamer who is keen on trying out this game, we recommend this setting for a balanced experience.

Hard Difficulty


This is the one you need to pick if you really want to focus on the high challenge aspect of this game. In this case, the BTs will be very dangerous, the MULEs will be super smart, quick and aggressive. Plus, your enemies will have more health and can do more damage. Basically, beating them every time will be tough and you might die more often. If that’s right up your alley, choose this difficulty.

In conclusion, this game has various elements that can be easy or tough as you wish. As a package, it still stays the same odd but amazing gaming experience offered by Hideo Kojima. Go ahead and pick the Death Stranding Difficulty Settings that suit you best and enjoy the adventure.

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