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How To Fix Stuttering Issues In Death Stranding On PC

The Stuttering issue in Death Stranding PC version can rob your of the amazing visuals this game has to offer, check out how to solve it

Death Stranding is finally here on PC and sadly there are a few stuttering issues that make the game a little less enjoyable if you want to fix these issues, read till the end of this guide as we have the solution to how to fix these annoying little stuttering issues in Death Stranding.

How To Fix Stuttering Issues In Death Stranding On PC

Death Stranding is a novel concept birthed from the brilliant mind of video game extraordinaire Hideo Kojima, but even he couldn’t make the game perfect and some bugs and issues are causing stuttering problems.

While the game has been out only for a day, Kojima loyalists have latched on to the game, and the story is one of the most peculiar ones you will ever find in a game. If you have been facing the stuttering problems worry not as the fixes shown below will solve everything up.

  1. The first thing you need to do is see how much FPS you’re getting from the game and different locations and if it is more than your monitor’s output, simply fix the FPS to 5 frames lower than what your display can show.
  2. This might be one of the reasons causing the issues for the stuttering images and hopefully will solve it right away, other players have reported that while using the Xbox controller on PC switching off the vibration also helps to solve the issue.
  3. Now we do not know what’s causing the stuttering issues but if there’s anything that can solve it, we’re more than happy to try things out. Having the vibration switched off on the controller helped a lot of players with the issues.
  4. You can also try to have VSync on and off in the game and your graphics control panel. Try using a combination of having VSync off in the game and on in the graphic control panel and if it doesn’t work you can try it vice versa.
  5. Another great solution provided by a player was that after a couple of hours in the game the problem seemed to have solved itself without needing to do anything about it, this even stumped us and if it is something that you want to try you go right ahead and not mess with the game at all.

Now, to be honest, no one knows what is causing the issues and nobody can tell you exactly how to solve the issues, but we did gather all of the information we found to help you with this issue.

This is all there is to know about how to solve the stuttering issue in Death Stranding on PC. Make sure to check out other guides like How To Trigger A Voidout In Death Stranding.