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How to Trigger a Voidout in Death Stranding

You can trigger Destruction

The world isn’t as it is today in Death Stranding and that is largely due to the phenomenon called Voidouts, these are explosions caused that are caused because of rotting corpses that explode if not incinerated properly. This guide will show you how to trigger a voidout in Death Stranding.

How to trigger a voidout in Death Stranding

Sam Porter’s character in Death Stranding is interesting as it does not, let him die. Except the character goes to an underwater place called the Seam which allows Sam to find his body and return to the place he died before.

But there is a way in which you can create an explosion called voidout, this large explosion will completely render the place inaccessible and force you away if you try to enter it.

There is only one way where you can create a voidout, though even after this you will go to the Seam once you trigger a voidout you will not be able to go back to the same place.

To trigger a voidout you will simply have to be eaten by a giant BT, it seems simple enough but to get the BT to eat you is not so simple.

BT’s will often try to damage you and kill you instead or will pull you to a different area to not damage or break the game.

For a BT to eat you, you will have to get close enough and dodge any physical attacks that the BT causes to you, once you do that BT’s will randomly attack you with the intention of eating you whole. If this happens you will trigger a voidout.

Every BT you face in Death Stranding has a different attack pattern so you will have to carefully understand how each BT attacks to trigger a voidout.

Once the voidout has occurred, the area will also be visible on the map and it will show a darkened area that will be inaccessible. This can and will have a large impact on the multiplayer aspect of Death Stranding.

This is all there is to know about how to trigger a voidout in Death Stranding.