How to Change Death Stranding Difficulty

From Hard to Very Easy

Death Stranding is a ruthless messed world where a porter is just focusing on delivering cargo. It happens that you might have stuck at one place unable to move forward, this is because of the game difficulty. When you start playing you will have four choices, Very Easy, Easy, Normal and Hard. Thanks to the game developer you change Death stranding game difficulty anytime in between the game. This is how you can do it.

How to change game Difficulty

Among the four different difficulty level in Death Stranding Normal is recommended if you want to experience all the features of the game. It is challenging as well forgiving. But hard is tough. So here details on all four difficulty levels of Death Stranding.

  1. Very Easy – Mildly Challenging anyone can make to the end of the story.
  2. Easy – For those who find action games difficult with modest challenges.
  3. Normal – Balance with challenging gameplay and enjoy the story side by side.
  4. Hard – For pro’s who ace in action games.

You can change Death Stranding game difficulty in two ways. First you change it anytime using the cuff link that is also used to check the map by pressing Option key and by the terminal from the Private room.

Through Cuff Links: Press Options button from the controller and select System > Options. Go to Game Settings Tab and navigate left or right to change the game difficulty.

Through Private Room: There is an terminal in every Private room, access it by looking towards it and press Circle. Go to System > Options and you will be able modify game difficulty right from the menu.

Death Stranding is a big game and there is lot to explore, the game is about balancing your movement while making delivering as well fighting other challenges in your way. It has a intriguing story line where a porter tries to reconnect the world and unite a nation.