Best Weapons To Use In Dead Space Remake

Blast the limbs off those necromorphs with these best weapons to use in Dead Space Remake.

So you want to know the best weapons to use to survive on Ishimura in the Dead space remake? The necromorphs were already scary in the original Dead Space but they are even more intimidating in the Dead Space remake with updated graphics and audio. Similarly, so are the weapons so let’s take a look at some of the best weapons to take them down.

Best Weapons to Use in Dead Space Remake

dead space remake best weapons

From weapons that launch sawblades at high velocity to weapons that spew fire all over, here are the best weapons among them:

  • Flamethrower
  • Contact Beam
  • Ripper
  • Plasma Cutter


dead space remake flamethrower

Although the Flamethrower feels like a weak weapon when you first get it, with low damage and ammo. But the flamethrower can often save your life as it’s the best weapon to use against enemies like Swarmers, the tiny necromorphs that can be really annoying otherwise. It’s also used well for enemies in melee range to make them back up and create distance between you and them.

Contact Beam

dead space remake contact beam

If you are looking for a weapon that’s one shot and high damage, look no further than the Contact Beam. Contact beam can save you from a tight corner or even help you take down bosses by dealing big burst damage. It’s a giant laser that’s essential in Isaccs journey in taking down all the necromorphs. Use is only when required though because you will run out of ammo quickly with this one.


dead space remake ripper

The Ripper is a wrist-mounted weapon that can shoot sawblades that can hover in front of Isacc. It makes for a great weapon to easily dismember limbs at close range. Besides that, it is also able to launch the sawblades like a projectile when needed. This way you can follow up with a ranged attack after using its close-range effectiveness.

Plasma Cutter

dead space remake plasma cutter best weapons

Plasma Cutter is the first weapon Isacc gets and it remains to be the best and most reliable weapon of them all. Best used for dismembering limbs, this weapon has two firing modes. One which fires in a vertical pattern and one which fires in a horizontal pattern. This alternating firing mode helps in accurately targeting the limbs and being efficient.

These are some of the best weapons that Isacc can use to fight the necromorphs. For more Dead Space Remake guides, check out our other articles like How To Get Ripper In Dead Space Remake and How To Get The Level 3 Suit In Dead Space.