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How to Get The Level 3 Suit In Dead Space [Location]

Read this guide to know the location of the Level 3 suit in Dead Space Remake.

Looking for the location of the Level 3 Suit in Dead Space? The armor is otherwise known as the Intermediate Engineer RIG suit. It is the third suit which players can unlock. However, finding the suit is not that simple aboard the USG Isimura. Check out our guide for all the steps on how to get it in Dead Space Remake.

Location of Level 3 Suit in Dead Space

dead space remake chapter 4

You will be able to find the Level 3 Suit during Chapter 4 on floor 5 in the EVA Prep Room that is one the Bridge. The fourth chapter requires Isaac to bring all cannons of Ishimura back online.

Once you reach the exterior of the ship, there will be an EVA Prep Room in the corridor. After opening the door, you will find the Intermediate Engineer RIG Schematics on a bench inside. After picking it up, your job is still half done. This is because you will need to take it to the Store to purchase the Level 3 Suit for 20,000 Credits. So, make sure you have enough currency to purchase this suit.

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What is the Intermediate Engineer RIG Suit

The Level 3 suit has armor platings on the helmet, abdomen, legs and also a forearm guard. It is known as one of the bulkiest suits in the game. However, it is also quite a handful. It has 10% of armor and also comes with 22 inventory slots. The visor on the helmet and bulk appearance gives Isaac an intimidating look.

That’s all you need to know about Dead Space Level 3 Suit location. If you found our guide helpful, then don’t forget to check out how to get the Burnished Suit in our Dead Space Remake section.