How To Get Ripper In Dead Space Remake?

Here is where you can find the Ripper weapon in Dead Space Remake.

Isaac Clarke will be encountering plenty of Necromorphs inside the USG, Ishimura. Hence, it is necessary to stay up-to-date with the best Suit & Weapons. A Ripper is one of the early-period weapons that you should definitely get your hands on in Dead Space Remake. It appears as a gun that has a hovering Circular Saw Blade at the crosshair. It can easily rip out creatures you will be confronting. Fascinated right? Check out this guide that features the steps to obtain the Ripper.

Ripper Location in Dead Space Remake

Ripper can be obtained during Chapter 3 – Course Correction. In this mission, Isaac is given the task of Refueling the Engines in the South & North Refueling Control Stations. You can obtain the Ripper in the Machine Room while Refueling the Engine in the South.

Ripper Location in Dead Space Remake

To be precise, when you enter the Preparation Room, you will see a room that shows Machine Room. Further, you will have to go past that door in order to Refuel the Engine. Upon opening that door, you will see a ramp leading downwards. Use that ramp to go down and at the end of it, you will find the Ripper lying on the ground.

All Ripper Upgrades

Now that you have the Ripper in Dead Space Remake, here are all the Upgrades for it:

  • Ricochet Tracer – Receive an additional Ricochet for the Ripper Blades. This upgrade can be purchased from the store for 11k Credits.
  • Angled Launcher – Receive one more additional Ricochet for the Ripper Bladed. You can get this Ripper Upgrade from the Flow Supervisor’s Office in Hydroponics (Chapter 6).
  • Carbon-Fiber Blades – Ripper Blades receive one more Ricochet that is found in a Master Override Box at the Machine Shop in Engineering (Chapter 10).

That covers everything on how to get the Ripper in Dead Space Remake. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Dead Space Remake Guides on Gamer Tweak.