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Hogwarts Legacy Dark Wizard Build (Best Curses, Talents, & More)

Want to become the darkest wizard of your time? Check out our guide for the best Dark Wizard build in Hogwarts Legacy.

Being a Potterhead and Harry Potter fanatic, it’s finally the time to embark on your wizarding journey in Hogwarts Legacy. That being said, a majority of players would like to go for an evil playthrough by choosing the dark wizard build. As there’s no morality system, you don’t have to worry about getting devoured by the Dementors in Azkaban. You can use some dark unforgivable curses without facing any consequences. But for the perfect build, you have to choose the right spells, talents, and gear traits. And to do so, you might be needing some help. So, check out our guide to find out the best Dark Wizard build in Hogwarts Legacy.

Dark Wizard Build in Hogwarts Legacy (Evil Path)

As mentioned earlier, we will be focussing on three major factors for the Dark Wizard build. They are as follows:

  • Spells or Curses
  • Talents
  • Traits

hogwarts legacy dark wizard build

So, let’s start with the best curses or spells to create the Dark Wizard build in Hogwarts Legacy.

Curses or Spells

It is crucial to unlocking the three unforgivable curses if you are looking to make a Dark wizard build. These unforgivable curses are as follows:

  • Avada Kedavra: Causes enemies instantaneous Death. You can one-shot all the enemies, bosses, and creatures by learning this unforgivable curse.
  • Crucio: Causes enemies to build damage over time. While being cursed, enemies or bosses are inflicted with additional damage.
  • Imperio: Temporarily causes enemies to fight as your companion. As long as these enemies are under your control, they take less damage from other enemies.

You can unlock the above curses by completing Sebastian Shallow’s side quest. This side quest is titled “In the Shadow of the Relic” which can be completed by level 28. In addition to the above curses, you can unlock other spells too. These are mainly the Expelliarmus, Stupefy, Bombarda, and Arresto Momentum.

Best Dark Wizard Talents in Hogwarts Legacy

The following are the best Talents you can choose to increase the damage of your Dark curses or spells:

  • Stunning Curse: This curse is the same as the Stupefy spell except it inflicts additional damage.
  • Blood Curse: You can cause damage to all cursed targets by dealing damage to a single cursed enemy.
  • Disarming Curse: This curse works the same as the Expelliarmus spell except the cursed enemies deals with additional damage.

You can unlock the above tier 1 talents by spending your Talent points on reaching level 5. Now, here are all the recommended Tier 2 talents to choose from:

  • Enduring Curse: The damage stays on the inflicted enemy or boss for a longer period.
  • Crucio Mastery: Striking the cursed enemy releases a projectile that curses all the nearby enemies.

You can unlock the Enduring Curse and Crucio Mastery talents on level 16 by spending your Talent Points. So, here are all the suggested Tier 3 talents you can pick:

  • Avada Kedavra Mastery: Instantly killing one cursed enemy results in killing all the nearby enemies.

If you are looking for the Avada Kedavra mastery, you will have to wait till level 22 to unlock this talent. Also, note that since you can only get Avada Kedavra at level 28, you will have to wait for a longer time to unlock this talent.

Best Dark Wizard Traits

  • Cruelty I/II/III: You can unlock all three tiers of this trait to significantly increase the damage with the Crucio curse.
  • Concentration I/II/III: These traits significantly increase the damage of all the damage spells.
  • Unforgivable I/II/III: You can significantly increase the damage dealt to cursed enemies, bosses, and beasts.

There are three tiers for the traits that you can unlock in Hogwarts Legacy. To unlock the first tier of the above traits, you need 1 Puffskein Fur. You need 1 Diricawl Feather to unlock the second tier. Finally, 1 Kneazle Fur to unlock the third and last tier.

Lastly, we recommend choosing more spells, talents, and traits for your Dark wizard build. While you are here at it, we suggest checking out our guide on how to make the best Voldemort build. You can also check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki page to find info related to everything about the game.

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