Dave The Diver: How To Get Cuttlefish Skin Fragment

Check out this guide on how you can get your hands on the Cuttlefish and its Skin Fragment to upgrade your weapons in Dave The Diver.

Cuttlefish is a squid-like creature that players will come across in the blue hole and to upgrade some of the weapons you will need in Dave The Diver it’s Skin Fragment. Although the item has a very rare drop chance and players will have to pull some tricks from their sleeves to get it. As the game progresses it becomes important to upgrade your weapons and catch big fish or hunt down giant bosses in the game. So if you are struggling to get your hands on the Skin Fragment even after successfully catching the fish, here is a guide explaining how you can hunt it down properly to acquire it from the blue hole.

How to Get Cuttlefish Skin Fragment in Dave The Diver

catch cuttlefish & get skin fragment dave the diver

Players will find the Cuttlefish at depths of 50 to 100 meters in the Blue Hole. They are easy to encounter in the massive sea and as they swim in a large bunch it’s easy for players to get a hold of them. Although players will have to keep some things in mind before hunting down the cuttlefish to successfully acquire their skin fragment in Dave The Diver:

  • Players should have the right weapon at their disposal while catching the fish. The higher the quality or the stars rating of the fish is, the higher chance it has to drop the Skin Fragment. 3 Stars rating will give you the highest chance while 1 star will give you the lowest.
  • You can use weapons like Net Gun, Tranquilizer Gun, etc to catch the fish in its higher quality. Players can upgrade their harpoon to a certain level and use it while in close range with the Cuttlefish in Dave The Diver.
  • Cuttlefish spread ink when they are attacked. Avoid it as quickly as you can while swimming away.
  • As there is no definite method and it all depends on the quality of the Cuttlefish, we recommend you hunt down as many of them properly and acquire a higher star rating.

It is worth mentioning that even though most of the time they are found not too deep in the Blue Hole, you should upgrade your oxygen tank. You will be notified if you have got any Skin Fragments while capturing the fish.

That’s everything covered on how to get Cuttlefish Skin Fragments in Dave The Diver. If you are looking to find other fish like Horned Parrotfish or Cookiecuuter Shark check out our guides on them, right here on Gamer Tweak.