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How To Cure Hypothermia In Starfield

This guide will explain how to cure hypothermia and understand the character prognosis system in Starfield.

How to cure and get rid of Hypothermia in Starfield? As you explore the cold reaches of space in Starfield, maintaining your body will be crucial to your survival. However, it’s easy to underestimate how quickly the frigid temperatures can lead to hypothermia. Hypothermia will slowly rob your character of strength, coordination, and awareness. Knowing how to recognize and treat hypothermia is essential to any trip. We’ll help you with the prognosis and cure of hypothermia in Starfield.

Cure Hypothermia in Starfield (Explained)

How To Cure Hypothermia In Starfield

A yellow status effect denotes hypothermia. It can be contracted by staying in areas with extremely cold temperatures for too long without proper protection.

To cure hypothermia, you will need to use an injector or Snake Oil on your character. Injectors are medical devices that can cure various status effects and injuries when applied. Common Med Packs include injectors and Snake Oil, which can both treat hypothermia.

Alternatively, you can visit a doctor at a settlement to treat hypothermia. If you don’t know where to find the Doctors, look for the green cross symbol that indicates med bays and head over there.

How Does Prognosis Work in Starfield?

When injured in Starfield, you will see your character’s prognosis displayed in the menu. The prognosis ranges from Excellent to Poor and indicates the severity and likelihood of recovery from an affliction.

Minor statuses with an Excellent or Good prognosis will usually heal over time through natural recovery. You may see notifications that it is improving.

A Poor prognosis signals that natural recovery is unlikely. The affliction will likely worsen without medical intervention. Make treating the condition a high priority before it deteriorates further. Visiting a doctor is highly recommended for any Poor prognoses.

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