Manor Lords: How To Cure Diseases (Heal Villagers)

Not sure what to do when your villagers fall sick? You can use this trick to cure diseases in Manor Lords.

When you want your village to keep growing you want things to go smoothly and this happens when everyone does their jobs. However, when a worker gets ill they end up needing to take a break. That is when you will want to cure diseases in Manor Lords. This is important because if they don’t work you may have less food or fuel which impacts the village’s survival during the winter. But worry not all of this can be quite easily prevented, by just a few simple tricks.

How to Cure Diseases Faster in Manor Lords

How To Use Herbs To Cure Diseases In Manor Lords
Image Credits: Tylil gaming on YouTube. Add a Herb Garden and use it to cure diseases faster in Magic Lords.

You don’t have to exactly do anything and villagers can get cured on their own with time. However, if you wish to speed up the process then you can use Herbs to help them get better faster. Here is how it works:

  • Use Herbs: You can add a Herb Garden when you upgrade your Forager’s Hut. This allows you to collect and store Herbs. Whenever some of your townsfolk get sick you can then use these Herbs to heal them quickly and they can get back to work sooner. In order to upgrade your Forager’s Hut you need:
    • Planks x2
    • Regional Wealth x25
  • Stock multiple food items: This trick is more of a prevention than a solution. While reaching Burgage Plot level 2 requires you to have only 2 unique types of food. That isn’t exactly applicable when you want to keep them healthy. So initially, you can start stocking up on meat by hunting or foraging berries. Eventually, you should set up farms for wheat to turn into bread and acquire other food sources. One of the best ways to stock up on food is by trading.
  • Curing with time: This is an option you are left with when you run out of herbs. When a villager becomes ill they won’t be able to work for some time. But they stay this way only till they are sick as they spend this time healing and after a while, they can resume working.

That sums up all the methods for how to cure diseases and prevent them from happening in Manor Lords. While you are at it you should also check out how to prevent fire.