Cuphead Characters Guide

Not sure who are the main Cuphead characters? Here's everything you need to know.

Curious to know who are the Cuphead characters? Here’s a guide that will get you up to speed with all of the main ones. The Cuphead show always had a niche audience. But its popularity catapulted when its video game version was released back in 2017.

After the first edition, Cuphead: Don’t Deal With The Devil, a follow up expansion – The Delicious Last Course was released in 2022. If you want to get up to speed with the game or the show as well, then you’re at the right place.

With that being said, here are the main Cuphead characters that you should know of in the game.

Cuphead Characters

We have listed down all the main characters in the game and also the supporting characters who are the most prominent. While some of them are playable characters, the others are Bosses and NPC’s that you encounter in the game.


Cuphead is the main protagonist of the run-and-gun video game. He is the first playable character who you’ll encounter right at the start. As the name already suggests, Cuphead has a white and red striped straw inside his head, which is nothing, but a wide cup filled with milk.

He is the older twin brother of Mugman and is the bravest among the two. However, his bravery puts him and his brother’s life at peril during the start of the game. This happens when he strikes a deal with The Devil at the casino. After losing the bet, he and his brother are forced to collect the souls of the Devil’s debtors by midnight.

cuphead mugman


Mugman is a complete polar opposite to his twin brother Cuphead. While Mugman’s appearance is almost similar to his brother, the only distinctive feature is his blue color scheme compared to Cuphead’s red. Apart from that, Mugman is timid, cautious and also displays a caring nature for his reckless brother Cuphead.

Ms Chalice

ms chalice

Ms Chalice is the third playable character in the Cuphead DLC. Staying true to her name, she is a light-yellow chalice with a golden and white straw coming out of her head. You can swap her out with either one of Cuphead or Mugman while equipping the Astral Cookie Charm.

Elder Kettle

elder kettle character cuphead

Elder Kettle is one of the most prominent characters in Cuphead. His appearance is like that of a big teapot coupled with a brown cane, slippers and a pair of glasses. The aged character is a father figure, caretaker and mentor to the twin brothers. He plays a crucial role in helping the twin brothers out of the big mess. Elder Kettle also gives them a pair of potions that grants both brothers the ability to use weapons.



He is a character in Cuphead who sells charms and weapons which are extremely useful to players in boss fights. Porkrind is actually a pig-headed man with light orangish skin and a mustache. He also wears an eyepatch over his right eye. However, he is known to be quite cordial with players in the game.

The Devil

the devil

Lastly, we have the Devil himself who is by far the most strongest Cuphead character. He is the main antagonist and also the final boss in Cuphead. He rules the Inkwell Hell and makes his first appearance before Cuphead and Mugman at the casino. Here is when he plots his evil plan of promising all the loot in the casino if the brothers win. But since the brothers lose, they are forced to give up their souls. However, the Devil gives them a second opportunity wherein he tasks the brothers with collecting all the souls of his debtors.

The Legendary Chalice

legendary chalice

She is a spectral NPC that players need to rescue in Cuphead. You can encounter The Legendary Chalice during the Mausoleum levels and will have to rescue her to learn the Super Art.

Other Recurring & Supporting Characters

That’s all you need to know about the Cuphead Characters. For more such guides on the game and its DLC, visit our Cuphead section on Gamer Tweak.