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How To Beat The Devil In Cuphead?

All you need to defeat The Devil in Cuphead.

Cuphead is a gem of a game. Very rarely does a game come along with such a distinct and unique art style reminiscent of the golden age of hand-drawn animation. But the game doesn’t stop there, it stands as a mountain to be conquered by gamers with all the grit and perseverance they can muster. And atop this mountain stands The Devil in all his glory. Let’s take a look at how to beat The Devil in Cuphead.

How to Beat The Devil in Cuphead

beat the devil Cuphead

As The Devil is the final boss of the game. Equip yourself with all the Weapons and charms you can find (here’s a guide to help you out). We’ll go through each of his 4 phases down below.

Phase 1

  • The best place to position yourself would be in the middle of the room
  • When he stretches his arms, jump away to either side of the screen and quickly dash back to your starting position.
  • If he uses his bubble projection, stick to the center of the screen as the bubbles move toward the sides.
  • With a wave of his pitchfork, The Devil will Summon fireballs. Move to the corner of the screen to guide them towards you and dodge them in quick succession.
  • The devil can transform himself into a spider that pounds on the ground, luckily this doesn’t track your movements and can be avoided by dashing out of the way before it falls.
  • Another wave of the pitchfork spawns the rotating fireballs, quicky parry the middle fireball to give yourself space while you dodge the attack.
  • As The Devil starts to turn himself into a serpent, rush to the right of the stage to avoid any damage.
  • At the end of the phase, The Devil removes his skin and jumps through the floor to start the next phase, don’t forget to move out of the way to avoid getting hit.
  • All these attacks happen at random intervals, so make sure you use a few attempts to recognize each attack and be ready with your counter.

Phase 2

the devil Cuphead

  • Use your Super right at the start of this phase to get in some good damage points.
  • Try and position yourself on the central platform as that is where you can do the most damage, hop on other platforms to avoid falling poker chips.
  • The flying axe spawns in the middle and makes a circle that gets progressively bigger, the best way to tackle this is by moving to the sides when it spawns and then quickly going back to the middle to avoid it entirely.
  • Keep an eye out for the pink bomb and immediately parry it to avoid an explosion.

Phase 3

  • Only three platforms remain now as The Devil calls in his minions to do this dirty work. Try and get rid of them as fast as you can while dashing to avoid the occasional axe.

Phase 4

  • That’s it! You’re almost done. Now all The Devil’s got left are his tears. Keep attacking to finish the job.

That’s all there is to The Devil in Cuphead. If you wish to get your hands on more Cuphead, check out our Tier list for all DLC bosses before you start.