Cuphead DLC: All Bosses Ranked By Difficulty & Tier List

Here are all the Cuphead DLC bosses ranked by difficulty.

Cuphead DLC has 8 bosses to fight and so we have made this tier list and ranked them based on their difficulty. Each of these 8 bosses has something to like about and to frustrate you in the fight. It is easily one of the best DLCs you can get for a game. So without further ado let us check this tier list for all bosses in Cuphead Delicious Last Course and what makes them tough.

All Cuphead DLC Bosses Ranked by Difficulty & Tier List

cuphead dlc bosses ranked by difficulty and tier list

Below is my Tier list of the Hardest bosses in the game. You might not agree with this list as the weapons you use might may alter the difficulty for you, making some bosses walk in the park while others are a nightmare. In my playthrough, I only used the Peashooter & Spread shots as my primary and secondary weapons. I grew up playing Contra so these feel home to me. With the only exception for The Angel and Demon where I used Crackshot.

Boss Tier
Chef Saltbaker S Tier
The Howling Aces S Tier
Glumstone the Giant A Tier
Esther Winchester A Tier
Mortimer Freeze B Tier
The Angel and Devil B Tier
The Moonshine Mob C Tier
The King’s Leap D Tier

The S Tier bosses are the hardest while the D Tier is the easiest. Now let us check what makes them difficult.

8. The King’s Leap

the kings leap

Starting the list with an optional boss. The King’s Leap is probably the easiest boss in the DLC. Here you fight Pawns, Knight, Bishop, Rook, & The Queen. The Queen’s fight is somewhat challenging but the rest of the fights were not so much. Not to say the boss design was bad or anything. No, in fact, I really like the concept of ditching the guns and relying on parrying. It kept the gameplay fresh. Not to mention it also served as a break from the other boss fights.

7. The Moonshine Mob

the moonshine mob

Here is another easy boss. The Moonshine Mob had three phases out of which the third was the hardest. But let’s start with the first phase, it needed a lot of practice, where you had to deal with different types of attacks. And even though there was so much to deal with it somehow felt easy. But what really shines about this fight is the second phase. Dodging the gramophone beams, and shooting the bug lady, while also dodging explosive barrels definitely kept me on my toes. Lastly, for the third phase, it was fun to dodge the Anteater’s attacks. As you never knew where it could come from. Not to mention you had to dodge his attacks while also managing to chip his health away was a different experience in itself.

6. The Angel and Demon

angel and demon

Speaking of unique fights this is my second most favorite fight from the DLC. To begin with, this is an optional fight that you get to after solving the graveyard puzzle. But oh boy is solving it worth it because the fight mechanics felt new. So in this fight, the Angel’s got your back. That means you will always be facing the demon. Sounds easy right? No, when I say it has your back it literally has your back and each time you turn, both of them switch places as well. So if there was an empty projectile behind you and you decided to turn, then you get hit.

Now add the element of the moving lightning cloud. And the entire screen is covered by a beam that passes by occasionally. This was one of those easy-to-learn but difficult-to-master kinds of fights. It was super fun but for this fight, I decided to change my primary and secondary weapons to Crackshot and Converge. And trust me Crackshot makes this fight super easy. It almost felt like using a cheese.

5. Mortimer Freeze

mortimer freeze

Mortimer Freeze fight was good but it didn’t feel very special in terms of difficulty. The first phase was interesting where you had to dodge the cards, the whale slam, and the ice cones. But if you focus properly you can learn this attack pattern without much hassle. But let us talk about its second phase.

The second phase was really good. Mainly due to the snowman roll or the snowman jump. You only got like a split second to decide whether to jump over the snowman or to duck under him. Aside from that having to deal with those flying popsicle-like enemies while dodging blades was fun. The fridge moveset was also trick to dodge at times. As for the third phase for me I dealt with it quickly thanks to saving my super. Overall it was a pretty good fight.

4. Esther Winchester – Cuphead DLC Bosses Ranked by Difficulty

esther winchester

Let us talk about the boss that had four phases even though it wasn’t the final boss. Well, it’s not like we haven’t seen this before and I will say all four phases were pretty good. In the first phase, we see her shoot ink and lasso a cactus while also having to deal with the other enemies. Then in her second phase, she tries to pull us along with all the money that she can. But suddenly she decides it’s not about money but about destroying Cuphead (or Mugman or Ms. Chalice if you played as them).

The third phase felt very fast-paced as facing incoming meat slabs in a circular motion while dodging sausage cans was unexpected. But somehow the fourth phase managed to be harder than the third one. Having to tackle the sausage ropes while dodging chilies was a really tough challenge. But the fight got harder with each phase and never felt broken or unjustified. Definitely one of the best boss fights in the game.

3. Glumstone the Giant

glumstone the giant

This fight was hard because of its irregularities. The first phase was somehow harder than the second phase. Each time the two platforms that go down were decided randomly. Then one of the platforms always would rise. And if you decided to jump on the ground you had to be on the move otherwise the gnomes would attack. The first phase had too many things going on at the same time. The second phase was also tricky but this time you only had to dodge the balls while paying attention to the ground. But what really shined was the third phase.

It took me quite a lot of tries to notice that the platforms were going down because of the meat that the Giant’s inside spewed. To begin with, getting to the third phase was very tough after the first two. Then not knowing how his insides worked added to the challenge. But once it clicked the fight was over in no time. So while this may not feel like the hardest boss in the game. I found it more challenging than some of the above ones and decided to place it here.

2. The Howling Aces

the howling aces

This is my personal favorite and in second place on this list because of its third phase. Many players might disagree as the fight wasn’t as hard as some of the previous bosses. And to a lot of extents, it is true too but its third phase was very tough. I would even go so far as to say it is harder than the fourth phase of Chef Saltbaker or maybe even the third and fourth phases combined.

The first phase was pretty easy you had to defeat the bulldog. The fight only had two main attacks in the first phase and two different projectiles that you had to dodge. The second phase was also pretty simple you had to eliminate the four pups while dodging the projectiles they shot.

But the most charming aspect of this fight is its third phase. Each time the screen rotates anticlockwise by 90 degrees. You even have two sub-phases for when the character is on the left and right side of the screen and when they are at the top and bottom.

This is the only fight where you get two different control options. You also had to control the plane’s movement by standing on the edge of the wings. These different controls made the fight very unique from the others on this list and thus deserves second place. And most importantly it was also hard. The third phase alone takes too many tries.

1. Chef Saltbaker

chef saltbaker

Chef Saltbaker is the final and probably the hardest boss of the game. Let’s talk about his phases. The first phase was the hardest part of this fight I feel. Not to mention it was too long. There were too many things going on and this is not to say lightly. Each of the ingredients Chef Saltbaker used had a different attack pattern. But what really made things tough was having to deal with two different attack patterns at the same time while avoiding the flame. And as I said this was the longest phase in the fight so having to deal with all of his attacks for this long was surely taxing.

Now from the second phase, the fight does get a bit easier. While you don’t have to pay attention to the different attack patterns. You do have to look out for the incoming attacks from all four sides while taking care of the flame and leaves attack. But this phase was fun as you didn’t directly attack the chef but rather shot at the pepper shakers.

The third phase felt unnecessary as not only was it easy but was too short. If you had Smoke Bomb as your charm then you could dodge all the attacks easily and can take care of the fight by shooting the salt doughmen from either side.

But the fourth phase was better as it was a bit more difficult than phase 3. You had to pay attention to dodge the heart while jumping on each platform so that you didn’t fall off. And considering everything, this was a very tough fight but a good one nonetheless. So it deserves the first spot.

That covers this guide on the Tier List for all Cuphead DLC (Delicious Last Course) bosses ranked by difficulty. If you found this list useful then also check out our other Tier Lists. And for more things related to Cuphead and other games check out Gamer Tweak.