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Cuphead: Weapons & Charms Tier List (2022)

Here is the Tier List ranking all weapons and charms in Cuphead.

Many players are looking for a Tier List of the Weapons and Charms in Cuphead, especially after the release of the new DLC. Since you are dealing with the devil you need all the help that you can get. And the game has 9 weapons and charms for you to choose from, so this task can be quite confusing. But worry not, not all of them are worth spending your coins on. So in this guide let us take a look at all the Weapons & Charms Tier List for Cuphead, including the new ones from Delicious Last Course.

Cuphead Weapons & Charms Tier List


cuphead weapons tier list

Below is my Tier list for all the weapons in the game. I have taken into account the regular attack and the EX attack of each weapon. So let us take two examples starting with Peashooter. The standard attack doesn’t do much damage but it is consistent damage. And its EX attack is also quite powerful. Next, the regular attack of Charge doesn’t do much damage in its uncharged shot but when you charge your shot it does a lot of damage. Just like the above cases I have considered the damage and effectiveness of the other weapons as well. Here is the list.

Weapon Tier EX Attack
Spread S Tier Eight Way
Roundabout A Tier Jumbo Rebound
Charge A Tier Radical Barrage
Lobber A Tier Kablooey
Peashooter B Tier Mega Blast
Crackshot B Tier P. Turret
Converge B Tier Electro-Bolt
Chaser C Tier Chaos Orbit
Twist-Up C Tier Cyclone Spiral


cuphead charms tier list

Now talking about the charms there are some great charms in this game. For example Heart, it is great in the early game but you can’t be using it later when you get the option of Twin Heart. Similarly, we have the Astral Cookie, this charm lets you play as Ms. Chalice, she has some interesting moves but changes the way you have to play the game. So keeping all these things in mind here is my Charms Tier list.

Charm Tier
Smoke Bomb S Tier
Heart Ring S Tier
Astral Cookie A Tier
Twin Heart A Tier
Whetstone A Tier
Divine Relic B Tier
Coffee B Tier
Heart B Tier
P. Sugar C Tier


That covers this tier list of all weapons & charms in Cuphead including the ones from DLC (Delicious Last Course). Since you are interested in Tier lists for this game also check out our list of all Cuphead DLC bosses ranked by their difficulty.