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Cuphead DLC: How To Beat Chef Saltbaker

Here is how you can defeat Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead DLC.

Many players are unable to beat Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead DLC. This is to be expected as it is the final boss of the new expansion. And this boss will give you a challenge as it has a total of four phases. Hence you should prepare yourself to die a lot before claiming your victory over it. So in this guide let us check how to defeat Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead The Delicious Last Course.

How to Beat Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead Delicious Last Course

cuphead the delicious last course dlc defeat chef saltbaker
Image Credit: CrankyTemplar on YouTube

Like most boss fights in this game, to defeat Chef Saltbaker you need to shoot at it while dodging the various attacks by it. But like most fights in this game, this one too won’t be easy. There are four fights in this game. Here are the moves and counters for them:

Phase 1

chef saltbaker phase 1
Image Credit: CrankyTemplar on YouTube
  • Jumping Flames: There will be two flame characters hanging on the top of the screen. Their only purpose is to jump down towards you and go back up. They won’t land on the ground, you can consider their move to be an upside-down jump. In order to counter it, you will have to move around and dodge them. You cannot harm them by shooting.
  • Floating Sugar cubes: As the name suggests, Chef Saltbaker will throw sugar cubes toward you. They will float in a curvy motion going up and down from either side. That is from left to right or right to left of the screen. The good thing is they won’t flow in both directions at the same time. So if one cube is going left all will go there and vice versa. In order to dodge them, you need to gauge their height and perform a jump or go underneath them.
  • Cookie Animals: The Chef will flatten the dough in the background and launch cookie animals at you. This move is going to be similar to Floating sugar cubes. The animals will jump at you while going from one side of the screen to another.
  • Lime Slices: Chef Saltbaker will slice a few limes in the background and then throw them at the player. These slices will fly in a straight line from one side of the screen to the other. But not all slices will fly at the same height, they will fly at different heights. You can dodge them by jumping over them or standing in your place if they fly over your head.
  • Falling Strawberries: Occasionally there will be strawberries falling from the top. They will fall diagonally on either side. You can dodge them by moving in the gap between two strawberries.

Use the dodges explained above while shooting at the Chef to start its next phase. For any projectile that you see in pink color Parry it. In this case, it should be the pink sugar cubes.

Phase 2 – Defeat Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead DLC

chef salt baker phase 2
Image Credit: CrankyTemplar on YouTube

This phase is rather straightforward. You need to shoot at the pepper shakers on each corner. They will then launch themselves at the chef to deal damage to it. You cannot shoot directly at the chef so you can only attack the shakers.

  • Jumping Flames: These are more or less the same as in the first phase. But this time they can land on the ground beside you.
  • Falling leaves: The chef will throw some leave at you from time to time. There will be a minimum of 3 leaves and a maximum of 5 leaves. They fall from up to down while having slight left to right and vice versa movements. In order to dodge them move in the space between any two leaves.
  • Shaker Projectiles: The pepper shakers won’t wait idly while you shoot at them. They too will launch projectiles at you from all four sides. Look out from them and based on the position of other incoming attacks run or jump to dodge them.

Keep shooting at the pepper shakers and make them attack the Chef. Once you see the chef’s face crumble and the ceiling fall, that is when the fight’s third phase will begin.

Phase 3

chef saltbaker phase 3
Image Credit: CrankyTemplar on YouTube
  • Dancing doughmen: The chef will use a dough to make two doughmen. These are stuck together and will jump around from side to side of the screen. You can dodge them by running under them while they are on their jump.
  • Ground saws: There are two saws on the ground on both sides. These move towards the center and back. Jump over them to dodge them.

These are the two main moves it uses in this fight. Keep shooting at the doughmen and you will eventually start the last phase of the fight.

Phase 4 – Beat Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead DLC

chef saltbaker phase 4
Image Credit: CrankyTemplar on YouTube

When you see two holes on both sides of the floor, that means the fourth phase has begun.

In this phase, there is only one thing you need to attack and that is the pink heart. The heart will move diagonally on both sides while going up and down. The main thing you need to look out for in this phase are the platforms. There is no ground to this fight so you need to continuously jump from one platform to the other. The good news is the heart is of pink color so you can parry it to fill up your Super meter quickly.

That covers this guide on how to beat Chef Saltbaker in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course (DLC). After beating it you unlock the extreme mode. So now that you have this new mode unlocked check out our guide on how to defeat the howling aces if you are having trouble with it in the new mode.