Apex Legends Best Crosshair Color Settings For Better Aim (2023)

Check out our guide to find out the best crosshair color settings in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play first-person shooter and battle royale videogame. In a brief time, this FPS game has become quite popular with a huge player count. Apex is all about experimenting with diverse playstyles and configuration settings to be the last one standing. But some players are confused about picking the right crosshair or reticle color. To aim and be precise, you need the right color that suits every map. So, here’s our guide on the best crosshair color settings in Apex Legends.

Best Crosshair Color Settings in Apex Legends (PC/Console)

We have compiled some crosshair or reticle colors that offer the best visibility. So, here are a few best crosshair color settings:


Being a pretty basic color, white crosshair or reticle can go with every map in Apex Legends. It is visible in dark areas as well as well-lit areas. And it is used by not only the casual or new players but also the veteran players. Also, the white color can go with most of the scopes. This crosshair color is used by a professional Apex player, ShivFPS.

Hex Code: 25,25,25


This is a reticle color that can be great to practice. Although Red crosshair can blend with most of the surroundings, it can help you aim better. With this color, some players are more reflexive at aiming. But to master this crosshair, you might need to put in a lot of practice. It is used by the professional player, iitzTimmy.
Hex Code: 255,0,0

Teal Crosshair Color in Apex Legends

One of the most preferable crosshairs or reticle colors from the list. The best part about Teal color is that it has a light as well as dark shade at the same time. Although it can be a bit challenging to use it in bright areas, you can see it quite visible in dark areas.

Hex Code: 16,255, 203


Magenta is another crosshair color that remains prominent in dark and well-lit areas. Similar to Teal color, it is exceptionally visible in dark areas. It can help you aim better in situations of distress. In addition to that, Magenta is pretty sharp and works in most situations.

Hex Code: 255,80, 220

Hot Pink

This is a color that stands out on almost every map. Its vibrant and sharp color can offer visibility in dark areas as well as day-lit areas. Thus, the Hot Pink crosshair can offer you the best aim. In addition to that, it is also not used by many players.

best crosshair color settings apex legends
Image Source – Dazs on YouTube.

Hex Code: 255,0,196

Purple with a Glow

If you are having trouble with the blending colors, you can add a slight glow to your crosshair. And it definitely looks cool! With some tweaking, you can add a glow with the purple color. With a white glow, the crosshair stands out from the map background. The below hex code has a slightly less white glow to it. This purple glowing crosshair is used by Kandydrew.

Hex Code: 400, 255, 400

Lime Green

Neon Green is perhaps the best reticle color to choose from. It stands out on every map under any light. This color is pretty common among veterans and pro-players. It is commonly used by a pro-player Eurice.

Hex Code: 69, 420, 69

How to Change Crosshair Color

There are two ways to change the crosshair or reticle color. Let’s start with the in-game settings, first. Follow these steps to change your crosshair color:

  • Launch Apex Legends and head to the Game Settings.
  • Then, navigate and scroll down to find the Reticle Color Selection Screen setting.
  • You can choose the recommended colors to the right of the screen.
  • Alternatively, you can also use the color sliders to input the right Hex code.

You can also experiment with different Hex codes. With different colors, also make sure to test it out in a Practice match.

Custom Crosshair in Apex Legends

As of Season 12, the devs have disabled custom reticle colors. Thus, players can neither use neon crosshair nor add a glow to their crosshair. But with this method, you can bypass the Hex code values above 255.

Follow these steps:

  • As you launch the Steam or Origin client, right-click on Apex Legends and select the Properties menu.
  • Under the Launch Options, input the following code:

+reticle_color “(Hex Code)”

  • Make sure to add spaces between the three two-digit Hex codes.
  • Launch Apex Legends and head to a Practice Match to try out the Crosshair color.

That’s everything covered on the best crosshair color settings in Apex Legends. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on the tap strafing, best characters ranked tier list, and more Apex Legends Guides right here on Gamer Tweak.