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Apex Legends Tier List: Best Characters Ranked (2023)

Looking for the best legends? Check out our tier list to find out the best characters ranked in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play battle royale that features a wide range of characters known as Legends. These legends have diverse abilities that they can use during matches. With every update, new legends are also added and introduced into the game. But which characters are the best ones to pick from? Here’s our tier list to choose the best characters ranked in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends Best Characters Ranked Tier List (2023)

As of now, for Season 13, there are 21 characters to choose from. We have compiled a list based on their abilities and attacks.

apex legends best characters ranked tier list

So, here are the best characters or legends ranked from best to worst:

Legends (Characters) Tiers
Wraith S
Valkyrie S
Bloodhound S
Octane S
Gibraltar S
Horizon A
Lifeline A
Ash A
Bangalore A
Newcastle A
Seer A
Loba B
Pathfinder B
Revenant B
Caustic B
Rampart C
Crypto C
Mirage C
Wattson D
Mad Maggie D
Fuse D

While the characters ranked above are placed according to their abilities and attacks, there are also various factors involved. Some characters like Mirage and Loba that are placed low in the above tier list can be used for Support. Their ability to heal and teleport can help you in several game modes. Characters like Pathfinder, Seer, and Bloodhound are the best Recon Legends from the list. If you are looking for offensive characters, we suggest going for Wraith which also offers recon support.  You can also pick Bangalore and Octane for wreaking havoc with their offensive abilities.

Speaking of abilities, it’s up to you to use the abilities of the characters during matches. With the new season update, we will make sure to update this guide with more characters.

That’s everything covered on the best characters ranked tier list in Apex Legends. If you liked this guide, you can check out more guides on our dedicated section for Apex Legends right here on Gamer Tweak.