How To Cross Freezing Cold Water In Tears Of The Kingdom

By Om
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The cold regions of Hyrule can be tricky to deal with and players should be extra careful where to go next. Cold temperatures will require players to adapt accordingly and have Elixirs and meals required for cold resistance. With that being said freezing water on the other hand will end up draining Link’s health drastically if players don’t use the right method. So here is our guide on how you can cross Freezing Water in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom

How to Cross Freezing Cold Water without Swimming in Zelda TOTK

raft using zonai fans

Like climbing up ice walls players will need to use the resources around them to cross freezing water in Tears Of The Kingdom. With the introduction of Ultrahand players are able to create things out of the resources spread across the Kingdom. Crossing freezing cold water requires you to do the same by collecting wood logs from trees and making a raft out of them. You can then use Zonai devices like Zonai Fans to propel the raft through the water. Here is a guide you can follow to cross freezing waters with a raft and without draining your health in TOTK

  • Chop up some trees to obtain wood logs.
  • Use Link’s Ultrahand ability to make a raft by sticking them.
  • After which attach some Zonai Fans (You can get these from Zonai Device Dispensers).
  • Then you can use Ultrahand again to bring the raft closer to the water.
  • Once in, you can then board the raft and hit the fans to start.
  • The raft will help you cross freezing water till the Zonai fans are running. Upgraded energy cells last longer and help you cover more distance in Tears Of The Kingdom.

You can use the Ultrahand ability to complete the Crossing The Cold Pool side quest in Tears Of The Kingdom

How to Clear ‘Crossing The Cold Pool’ side quest

verla tears of the kingdom

Like many side quests in Tears Of The Kingdom, this one requires you to help Verla. Verla is from the Rito village and he needs your help to acquire 10 Chillshrooms as his wings are injured and he is not able to cross a cold pool inside the cave. The cave is located on Talonto Peak in the Herba Mountains region. You can talk to him outside the cave and he explain the objective. To complete you can simply follow these steps:

complete cold pool side quest

  • There would be wooden platforms lying next to you when you talk to Verla.
  • Use your Ultrahand ability to make a wooden bridge out of them.
  • Once done, use Ultrahand again to hold the bridge and head inside the cave.
  • Inside you will see the cold pool that Verla was talking about.
  • Place the bridge carefully so you can cross the freezing water properly
  • Then you can collect the Chillshrooms required and head back using the same bridge

Verla will give you 50 Rupees for completing the side quest and handing the Chillshrooms to him. It is worth noting that Chillshrooms can grant Fire Resistance which is useful as the game progresses so collect as many as you can. You might need them!

That is everything you need to know on how you can cross freezing water in Zelda Tears Of The Kingdom. And here is our guide on how to drive a vehicle in TOTK.