How To Climb Ice Without Slipping In Tears Of The Kingdom?

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Players encounter many formidable opponents during their campaign in Tears Of The Kingdom. One such obstacle that players may find difficult to beat in the Kingdom of Hyrule would be ice. Freezing weather is already a concern for Link to survive on which ice walls in the game are almost impossible to ascend. Climbing these icy walls can turn out to be a tricky and time-consuming part of their campaign. Here is our guide to help you on your quest to climb ice in Tears Of The Kingdom.

How to Climb Ice Walls without Slipping in Tears Of The Kingdom?

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Unfortunately, there is no direct way to climb ice walls without slipping in Tears Of The Kingdom. The Froggy Armor Set or Sticky Elixir would help players achieve Slip Resistance but they more or less tend to work in rain and not much while climbing ice walls. Players are still bound to slip even if they do have the armor set or the elixir. Players would have to use some creativity to get past icy walls and reach the top and here is how you can do it.

How to Climb Slippery Ice Walls with a Structure

  • First, chop up some trees to acquire some wood logs. (It would depend on how many you need on the size of the wall you have to climb)
  • Once you have the wood logs you can then use your Ultrahand ability to stick them from their ends to make a makeshift ladder.
  • Use Ultrahand again to pick them up once you are finished fusing the logs together.
  • After which rotate it horizontally.
  • You can then place it in a crevice on the wall to make it stand up.
  • Players can then climb these wooden logs to get atop the ice walls.

This makes it relatively easy for Link to reach the top while not climbing the actual wall itself and without slipping a dozen times. You can always unfuse your makeshift ladder and make it again if you have to.

That is everything about how you can climb ice in Tears Of The Kingdom. And if you are stuck in the depths of a well and want to climb out of it do check out our guide on how to get out of a well right here on Gamer Tweak.