Where To Find Crocodiles In Far Cry 6: All Hunting Locations (Tips and Tricks)

In this guide, you'll learn how to locate, kill and use crocodiles and their meat in Far Cry 6.

Crocodiles and Crocodile Meat can be found in specific hunting locations around Yara in far cry 6. You will need to approach these reptiles carefully before killing them for their meat. In this guide, we’ll point out crocodile hunting locations, how to hunt and kill crocodiles and how you can get their meat.

Where to Find Crocodiles in Far Cry 6- All Yara Locations FC6

crocodiles far cry 6

Crocodiles are found in 3 Yaran hunting spot locations namely Cortina River, Fernando Valley, and Sabiduria Valley. You can locate crocodiles mostly lurking around the marshy points and bushes in these areas.

Yaran Crocodile Hunting Spots FC6

There are 3 designated Crocodile hunting spots across Yara in Far Cry 6 one each in they’re mentioned as follows.

The Cortina River

croc hunt river

The Cortina River has some crocodiles that often bask in the sun during afternoons. As per the game tips, the western end of the river has a lot of crocodiles that appear. If you’re just getting started with hunting predators, this spot is the best. The crocodiles here are pretty easy to kill and harvest meat from.

The Fernando Valley

fernando valley croc hunt

The Fernando valley hosts a Yaran crocodile hunting spot. This spot is probably the best one in-game where crocodiles can be found. Keep an eye on the area rank though because as you progress up so will the challenges in a given area.

The Sabiduria Valley

sabiduria valley croc hunt

The Sabiduria Valley located in Noventarmas is yet another Yaran Crocodile hunting spot. You might want to steer clear of this area if you’re still early on in the game since this has quite some hostiles in the vicinity. However, once you clear the area out, you can use this sweet hunting spot to hunt crocodiles and get their meat.

How to Hunt Crocodiles in Far Cry 6 – Tips and Tricks

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Remember that you need Yaran crocodile meat and not damaged animal meat which means you need to either use your knife or bow to kill the crocodile since rampantly shooting it will damage the animal’s meat. You can further even try out a single headshot which should not damage the meat. Here are some more tips to keep in mind while hunting crocodiles in Far Cry 6.

  • Dusk is when Crocodiles will usually attack in groups, so avoid the said time.
  • If you feel crocodiles aren’t spawning in a particular location, check the marshes and bushes around.
  • Remember to aim for the head, this not only kills the crocodiles faster but preserves the meat.
  • Crocodiles are nasty and can inflict significant damage, try to gain high ground when attacked by a group.

Crocodile Meat Uses Far Cry 6

yaran crocodile meat

In addition to using crocodile meat in the recipe to unlock Chorizo as an amigo and get the Mysterious Key in Far Cry 6, their meat can be traded for recycled fasteners to Juan Cortez’s dealers and further used in workbenches.

That’s all there is to finding, hunting, and using Crocodiles in Far Cry 6. We hope this guide was of assistance to you. If you feel the crocodile locations are too far off, consider using fast travel or the wingsuit to reach these Yaran spots or other locations quickly.