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Where To Find Creepy Dolls In Wasteland 3? (Locations Guide)

Find all creepy dolls in Wasteland 3.

Stats and bonuses matter a lot in Wasteland 3, and when we think of getting permanent bonuses, creepy dolls are what comes to our mind. Creepy dolls can provide permanent boosts to not just one but all the characters of your entire squad. Hence, it is essential to find all the creepy dolls. To make your journey a little easier, here’s the Wasteland 3 creepy doll locations guide. After reading this creepy doll locations guide, you will know the exact locations to find all the creepy dolls in Wasteland 3.

Wasteland 3 Creepy Doll Locations Guide

There are a total of 15 creepy dolls in Wasteland 3, and their locations go like this:

Nervous Nancy

This creepy doll is located at the Department of Energy SIte. It increases 0.5 seconds of detection time. To get it you will need to have a maximum level of anti-radiation on your vehicle. You will find the doll in a dark room.

Keen Karen

Keen Karen creepy doll’s location is in the Garden of the Gods. It offers +1 perception and can be found towards the west of Bellamy Wards Workshop.

Lethal Lance

You can find this doll while on a mission. The quest will send you to the Monster Army Bunker where you can find Lethal Lance inside a bag. This doll grants +1 penetration.

Zen Zoey

Zen Zoey is located to the right within the Snowed Inn Resort. Defeat some enemies and find the doll inside a dig. This doll provides a +2 hit chance.

Radical Rachel

You will find this reight beside you at the Ranger HQ but only once it is turned into a museum after the recruitment of Junko, the museum creator. It gives you +5% explosive damage.

Fu**in Fred (you got the word, right?)

This doll is located at Old Survivalist’s Bunker. While completing the task given by Dead Red to break Ironclad out of prison and recruit him on your team, you can find this doll in a chest within the bunker. It increases 5% damage against humans.

Cruel Corey

You will find this doll in a box located on the left stairs of the main building in Denver. This doll offers +5% damage against animals.

Electric Emmett

You will find this doll dig inside the snow at Machine Commune inside the East Catwalk Zone. It gives you a +5% energy damage boost.

Ferocious Francesca

This creepy doll location is at Little Hell in Aspen. You will find it in a bag in one of the Guest Suite Section’s room. It grants a 5% melee damage increase.

Purist Patty

To the South of Ghost Town is the Abandoned Oil Well where you will find this creepy doll. Attack the group of men at the Well and loot their belongings to find the doll. It will increase by 5% damage vs. mutants.

Quick Quaid

This doll is sitting on a corpse near a grave in the Knox Bison Ranch. It provides a +5% sneak attack damage.

Angry Aaron

The door to this creepy doll location is to the East inside the Yuma County. The box containing this doll is surrounded by traps. Once in your reach, Angry Aaron gives you +5% critical resistance.

Hyper Heather

This creepy doll location is Yuma Speedway. You will find it in a locker within the Liberty’s garage. It gives a +5% initiative boost.

Hearty Henry

This doll is found in a container at the Bunker in Aspen. It grants a +10% healing bonus.

Maneater Maury

It awaits you in a duffle bag at Bizarre Exterior. This creepy doll offers +15 con.

These were all the locations you need to know. I hope this Wasteland 3 creepy doll locations guide will help you find them easily. Apart from creepy dolls, you can also find various other items in the game that can give you a boots. For instance, you can find Synth for Wolfe’s Hunt, Ramen Noodles, and Hallie in Wasteland 3.