MLB The Show 22 – How To Create A Stadium

Check out our guide that explains how to create a stadium in MLB the Show 22.

MLB the Show 22 had introduced several new gameplay mechanics, modes, as well as new commentators. While players adapt and master the game, players are wondering if they can create a stadium or not. It was a feature in the previous installments that allowed players to personalize and create their stadiums. But can you build a stadium this season? Here’s our guide on how to create a stadium in MLB the Show 22.

How to Create a Stadium in MLB The Show 22

There’s good and bad news depending on the consoles you are using. You can create a custom stadium only if you are using next-gen consoles. These consoles include PS 5, Xbox Series S, and Series X.

mlb the show 22 how to create a stadium

  • For the players using next-gen consoles, head over to the main menu and hit the Stadium creator option.
  • Then, press the Create a New stadium option under My Stadiums.
  • You will be prompted with some instructions and tutorials to modify several aspects.
  • While it can be a tedious task, it is fun to create a stadium according to your preferences and personalization.
  • Although you can transfer team logos from previous installments, you cannot transfer your custom stadiums. Check out our guide on what gets transferred and what doesn’t in MLB the Show 22.

How to Use a Custom Stadium?

  • Once you have created a custom stadium, you can use it in a Franchise mode.
  • Head over to the Franchise mode > Stadium Assignments > Select the created stadium.
  • Even though MLB the Show 22 supports crossplay, you cannot play it with your friends.
  • While playing on a custom stadium does not reward you with XP, it can help you master the game.
  • As you grind on it, you understand the game better and better.

That’s all on how to create a stadium in MLB the Show 22. If you liked this guide, check out our other guides on how to update live rosters and use them, tips for Road to the show, and the best Pitching styles in MLB the Show 22.