How To Get A Crafting License In Palia

Check out this guide to know where and how you can get the crafting license to add more crafters in Palia.

Players can only make so much use of the small number of crafters they own in Palia but here is where the Crafting License comes in clutch. While there are several types of crafters available for the player, having only one of each isn’t sufficient as your cozy life progresses. The Crafting License in the game allows players to add in extra crafters which will help you craft items and make more money subsequently. Although while starting in the world of Palia you might not know about the license because of the abundant resources. So if you are wondering how they get a license in the game then here is a guide that will help you acquire it after which you can increase the number of crafters accordingly.

How to Obtain a Crafting License in Palia

where to purchase crafting license in palia

Players can get the Crafting License from the City Hall in Palia. You can locate the structure on the east side of Kilima Village in the game. To get the license players will have to interact with Kenyatta’s main counter. You can purchase the Crafting License for 500 Gold in the game. However, there are some prerequisites that you will have to first complete to unlock the license. Players will have to build their own house first for which you can talk to Kenil. The Mayor will hand you over a housing plot which can then be placed on your property. After which you can build your house with x100 Sapwood Planks & x35 Stone Bricks. It will take around 8 hours to complete the construction.

Once you have your own house, you can then head toward the City Hall to purchase the Crafting License from Kenyatta in Palia. Although an important thing to keep in mind is that the amount of Gold required to buy another license will increase after each purchase. Meaning, to add more crafters, players will have to increasingly pay more gold to buy the license which will let you add more crafters. With a maximum Crafting License, you increase the number of crafters to 30. Although as the price increases it will get around 32000 to buy the last one.

That’s everything covered on how to get a crafting license in Palia. For more interesting guides like these, check out our dedicated Palia section. We recommend you start by checking out where to find iron ore and how to get clay in the game.