Palia: How To Find And Get Clay (Mining Guide)

Here is how to find and mine Clay in Palia to make Ceramic and Standard Smoke Bomb.

Collecting Ceramic’s raw material Clay in Palia. Ceramic is one of the base items for recipes like Fabric Loom, Prep Station, and Standard Stove. And it costs 80 Gold when you purchase Ceramic from Blacksmith, while its recipe costs 50 Gold. So clearly, crafting Ceramic is a better and cost-efficient option. But now comes the hard question, where can you find Clay, and how do you mine it? No need to worry, this mining guide covers all ways to get Clay in the game.

Where and How to Mine Clay in Palia

How To Find And Get Clay Palia

You can mine Clay from a coral color rock found in the coastal regions of the Kilima Valley. You get about 5 to 6 Clays from one node. There is no set time for mining them, so you can get Clay day and night. And they respawn after some time, thus providing you with an unlimited amount of Clay in Palia. To break and get the Clay from this rock, you use Pickaxe given by Hodari. Though they can be found easily anywhere on the coastline of the Valley, some places have ample amounts, which you will find below.

Best Clay Respawn Locations

Fisherman’s Lagoon, Gillyfin Cove, and Remembrance Beach have the most nodes of Clay in Palia. Their respawn rate is fast, so you can perform other activities at those locations till the next batch of Clay respawns on the coast. Plus, these places are booming with natural resources, enchanting flowers, and tasty fish.

As this is an MMO, you will most probably find other players mining for the same resources in those locations. You can mine with them to get extra benefits and rewards from the activity.

That’s all about Where to find and how to get Clay in Palia. If this guide was useful, we suggest you check our other Palia Guides. You can start with how to get Leather and then learn where to fish Silver Salmon in the game.