Coral Island Recipes List

All set to cook a meal but don’t know which ingredients to use? Here is a list of all the Recipes in Coral Island.

Cooking in Coral Island is one of the many features offered in the game. You can consume your favorite dish and obtain health benefits. Similarly, you can offer a meal to a character if you want to build a friendship/relationship with them. To do this, along with Utensils, you will also require a list of all Recipes to experience this mechanic in the game.

All Recipes in Coral Island (Complete List)

Coral Island Recipes List
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We have mentioned all the Recipes and the Ingredients required to make them below:

All Blender Recipes

Green SmoothiesAny Vegetables
GuacamoleAvocado, Tomato, Garlic
HummusPeas, Olive Oil
Ice CreamMilk
JamuGinger, Honey, Ginseng
KetchupTomato, Gourmet Salt
Peanut ButterAlmond, Butter
SmoothiesAny Fruits
Wasabi PasteWasabi

All Ceramic Bowl Recipes

CenilCoconut, Sugar, Taro Root
Egg CustardMilk, Sugar, Egg
Es CendolSyrup, Coconut, Rice Flour
Es DogerSyrup, Coconut, Sweet Potato, Milk
KleponCoconut, Rice Flour, Sugar
PureeAny Fruits or Vegetables
WakameSeaweed x2

All Chef Knife Recipes

Fish SandwichAny Fish, Lettuce, Bread, Shallot
Fresh SaladAny Vegetables
Rainbow SandwichAny Vegetables, Tomato, Bread, Mayonnaise
SashimiAny Fish, Wasabi
SushiAny Fish, Rice
Whole Coconut DrinkCoconut

All Frying Pan Recipes

Banana FritterOil, Flour, Banana
Beet ChipOil, Beet
FalafelOil, Peas, Cucumber
Fried RiceAny vegetables, Rice, Egg, Shallot
Fried TempehOil, Tempeh
Kale ChipCanola Oil
OmuriceRice, Egg, Ketchup, Carrot
Pad ThaiAny Vegetables, Shrimp, Wheat Flour, Lemon
PeyekAny Caterpillar, Almond, Wheat Flour
Potato ChipCanola Oil, Potato
Roasted AlmondsAlmond
Roasted ChestnutChestnut
Roasted MushroomMushroom, Olive Oil, Basil
Sweet Potato ChipOil, Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato PoutineOil, Cheese, Sweet Potato

All Grill Recipes

Assorted Grill PlatterAny Vegetables x2
Bug JerkyAny insect
Corn on the CobButter, Corn
Grilled FishAny Fish
Herbed TempehGourmet, Salt, Basil, Tempeh
Smoked FishAny Fish except for Salmon
Smoke SalmonSalmon, Wood
Summer BurgerCheese, Bread, Shallot, Pineapple

All Oven Recipes

Apple PieButter, Honey, Wheat Flour, Apple
Butter CroissantMilk, Flour, Butter
Chocolate Chip MuffinsEgg, Flour, Cocoa Bean
CookiesFlour, Butter, Cocoa Bean
Eggplant LasagnaCheese, Tomato, Eggplant
Fruit TartAny Fruit x2, Sugar, Wheat Flour
Hawaiian PizzaWheat Flour, Pineapple, Cheese
Jackfruit CasseroleMilk, Mushroom, Potato, Jackfruit
Kue KancingSugar, Flour, Egg
Minced Jackfruit PieButter, Flour, Jackfruit
MooncakeEgg, Flour, Lotus
Mushroom JerkyMushroom
Oven Baked RisottoRice, Cheese, Mushroom, Butter
Pineapple Upside-Down CakeSugar, Flour, Pineapple
PizzaCheese, Mushroom, Wheat Flour, Tomato
Pumpkin PieSugar, Egg, Flour, Pumpkin
RatatouilleTomato, Eggplant, Olive, Bell Pepper
Red Velvet CakeMilk, Egg, Flour, Strawberry
Vegetable JerkAny vegetables

All Pot Recipes

Basil Pesto PastaTomato, Wheat Flour, Basil
Clam ChowderMilk, Clam
Fish SoupAny Vegetables, Any Fish, Sake
GnocchiFlour, Butter, Potato, Cheese
Green CurryPeas, Coconut, Bell Pepper, Basil
Hard-Boiled Duck EggDuck Egg
Hard-Boiled EggEgg
Hard-Boiled Quail EggQuail Egg
Hot CocoaMilk, Cocoa Bean
Kue LapisCoconut Sugar, Taro Root
LodehAny Vegetables, Coconut, Tempeh, Eggplant
Red CurryCoconut, Hot Pepper, Shallot, Carrot
Seafood RamenAny Fish, Mussel, Wheat Flour
StewMushroom, Potato
Stone SoupAny Ingredient, Stone
Tomato SoupTomato
Veggie RamenKombu, Mushroom, Wheat Flour
Wild Mushroom PolentaMushroom, Corn

All Seasoning Set Recipes

BurritoAny Vegetables, Cheese, Soybean, Tortilla
Lettuce WrapLettuce, Soybean
Slimy OkraOkra, Slime Goop
Spicy SauerkrautHot Pepper Red Cabbage

All Skillet Recipes

Cauliflower CasseroleCauliflower, Flour, Potato
Fish TacoAny Fish, Tortilla, Mayonnaise
HashbrownsEgg, Flour, Potato
PancakesAny Fruit, Wheat Flour, Maple Syrup
Pepper and Mushroom FlatbreadMushroom, Flour, Bell Pepper
PopiahShrimp, Carrot, Bamboo Shoot
Sauteed ChardOil, Chard
Scrambled EggMilk, Egg
SerabiCoconut, Rice Flour, Sugar, Gourmet Salt
Spring FrittataAny Vegetables, Egg
Sunny-Side-Up EggsEgg
TortillaWheat Flour
Vegan TacoAny vegetables, Tortilla, Kracha

Now that you know about all the Recipes in Coral Island you can let your inner chef take over and cook all the meals you desire. If you are interested in Coral Island, you can also learn how to Adopt pets and how to Fast Travel, right here on Gamer Tweak.