How To Adopt Pets In Coral Island (Get A Pet)

Can’t find the option to adopt a pet in Coral Island? Here is how to unlock and get Pets.

Experiencing a farm sim like Coral Island without an adorable and fierce pet feels incomplete. Who doesn’t want to see dogs playing like buddies and cats fighting like enemies? This leads to questions like how to adopt pets in Coral Island, whether you can keep multiple pets, and so on. Here we have provided answers to all those queries. And explained the pet system of the game too.

We know that most of you might be aware of this, but it is crucial to know that pets are different from farm animals. The limit for the farm animals, shelter, food, and other requirements also differs. Here we’ll only focus on how to get a pet in Coral Island and how many you can keep.

How to Unlock and Adopt Pets in Coral Island

How Do You Get a Pet in Coral Island
Image Credit: Tess’s Game Retreat on YouTube

You get to adopt a pet from the Animal Shelter after reaching Town Rank E and placing a Pet House or Pet Bed in your home area. Pet Bed and Pet House is unlocked after reaching Town Rank E. And is purchased from the Shop of Animal Shelter. As for the Town Rank, you can increase it by making temple offerings and cleaning oceans. Currently, there are twenty pets you can get from the shelter. Including cats, dogs, lizard, rabbits, and foxes:

  • Cats: KitKat, Gary Kun, Kimba, Frankie, Malcolm, Mr. Fluff, Trinket, Omar, and Bast.
  • Dogs: Geddy, Bode, SpikerDoo, Fizz, and Spike Bonkers.
  • Lizard: Lindi
  • Rabbits: Copper and Hippeastrum.
  • Foxes: Inari, Luna and Cody.

Can You Have Multiple Pets in Coral Island?

You can have one Standard and one Mythical pet, but not more. Standard pet is fixed when you first adopt it from the Animal Shelter. But Mythical pets are different, you can replace them. Kickstarter backers get to purchase Mythical pets from the beginning. For non-Kickstarter backers, they are end-game creatures.

This wraps our guide on how to adopt pets in Coral Island. For more interesting and helpful guides about the game, check out our Coral Island guides. We have covered topics like how to Fast Travel on land and ocean.