How To Fast Travel In Coral Island (Waypoints)

Unlock and activate all Fast Travels in Coral Island with this guide.

Games with vast maps often use a waypoint system. Let it be the adventure exploration or farm sim experience. Coral Island too has a Fast Travel system, but it needs to be unlocked. The current map has both the land and diving area waypoints, with different requirements. Some of the conditions are easy, while others take a lot of time. You get hints about the requirements for particular waypoints using Third Eye.

Now, we understand that learning about the requirements with the hints can be difficult. So, we have given all the Fast Travel locations and conditions to unlock them. And though there is no sequence for unlocking them, the first waypoint is permanent. You cannot unlock others without activating it. Activate it with the steps we have given below.

How to Unlock and Use Fast Travel on Coral Island

How to Unlock and Use Fast Travel on Coral Island
Image Credit: Westanime Sims on YouTube

You unlock the Fast Travel system of Coral Island by activating the Lake Temple waypoint. This waypoint is activated by completing the Mythical Dream quest.

  • Around the first week of gameplay, you’ll see a strange dream. And the next day you’ll receive the Mythical Dream quest.
  • Now, you need to find and inspect a tablet at a sacred tree. The sacred tree is found in various places, like Lake and Town.
  • Once you have inspected the tablet, the next day you’ll receive a letter.
  • Next, you’ll have to meet the Chieftain in Giant Village. Found on the left of your farm.
  • After meeting the Chieftain, visit the Lake Temple and meet the Goddess.
  • She will give you Third Eye, and you’ll become able to make Temple Offering.
  • Complete one offering and unlock the Lake Temple waypoint.

All Fast Travel Requirements

All Fast Travel Requirements
Image Credit: Westanime Sims on YouTube
  • Farm: Complete Mythical Dream quest.
  • Lake Temple: Finish Mythical Dream quest.
  • Beach: Catch 50 fish with a fishing pole.
  • Forest Cavern: Get to level 10 in Earth Mine.
  • Diving Pier: Activate all Solar Orbs to activate all diving area waypoints.
  • Lookout: Make two altar offerings at Lake Temple.
  • Hillside: Make two altar offerings at Lake Temple.
  • Giant Village: Free two giants by clearing the Water and Earth Mines.
  • Hotspring: Make ten offerings at Lake Temple.
  • Museum: You have to complete the Pickstarter Launch quest.
  • Woodlands: Catch 50 bugs with bug net.
  • Town: You have to complete the first half of the Sam’s Local Produce quest.

That’s all on how to unlock and activate all the Fast Travel in Coral Island. If you found this guide helpful and are looking for similar games and guides, you should check out our video game section and Coral Island guides.